Hurry Up, Slow Down


Hey friends! I know that I totally deserve the "neglectful blogger" slap on the wrist for my poor attendance & participation in the blogosphere these past few weeks months days (cough, cough), but fear not because I literally have 1.5 days of school left.

I'm excited about having a Summer break-- time for me, time with Kyle, time with family and friends.

But....there's a big BUT...

...ending a school year is always bittersweet for me. There's just something untouchable about the relationships you form with each class and the classroom family that you create. There's an ease and comfort level that you get to after those 180 days together that can never be recreated 100% with the classes that follow. Each year is different. But it never gets easier to say good-bye. I think I'll know that I'm done teaching when it does get easy. Each class pushes you and challenges you in different ways. But the good times--oh, the good times-- that is what you think about as the last days approach. You don't remember the stress or the tears. You look at those 21 faces and feel so proud to the point of tears. You want time to hurry up because you know that Summer freedom is at your fingertips, yet you want things to slow down, so that you can savor those last few moments with those kiddos whose lives have become so intertwined with yours.

It is such a gift to be apart of a kid's life. Such a gift.

So, as Friday approaches, I take to heart what a wise, precious bear by the name of Winnie the Pooh once said...

I'm ready, I'm not ready.

Hurry up, slow it down.

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  1. Ending the school year is SO bittersweet. In the moments of frustration you can't wait for it to end, but when it finally does you can't believe it's here:-(


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