If it wasn't January, and if I hadn't spent all my money at Christmas...


Happy hump day! I have to say, as far as first weeks back from break go, it's been a pretty good one! My kiddos bring me so much joy this year (they are seriously so stinkin' cute!), and it was great to see them after a nice break! Now if only we could just hang out all day instead of me actually having to plan lessons...

With all of this cold weather that'd decided to make it's way to NC, I've been definitely cozying up on the couch a lot more and haven't been able to keep myself from doing a little online browsing.

This is normally a time of year where I try not to do a ton of shopping for a couple of reasons...

1.) The holidays have just passed, and let's be honest, I'd like to lose a few of those holiday pounds before buying anything new (especially with my new year's resolutions still fresh on my mind!)

2.) I know spring styles always come out way early and are just around the corner! By this point, I'm over winter stuff and would rather save up for what's to come!

3.) My wallet certainly took a little hit over the holidays, so I best be saving up before I do any spending!

But, with that being said, a little looking never hurt anyone ;)

And Loft...totally killing me with their new swim collection...which is odd since I haven't been a huge fan in the past!

So, if it wasn't January (and a good 5-6 months away from legit beach weather!), and I had a little more mula to spare, here's what I'd be buying in a heartbeat!

I bring you my current online crushes...courtesy of Loft :)
Beach Cover Up
Maxi Dress

Beach Cover Up
Linen Cotton Shorts
Happy dream shopping, friends!


  1. I am a Loft addict and had no idea they carried swimwear. I told myself I wasn't buying anything new until spring but a new swimsuit is so tempting!! I have a gift card for there so I might just have to check it out(:

  2. Between the Lilly online sale and the 40% sale for jeans & sweaters at Loft right now, my poor little credit card is practically smoking haha! Love those linen shorts, Loft always has the best stuff!

  3. I am a Loft addict as well. I did not mean to go in there today but walked out with 2 new pairs of jeans (that don't drag on the floor! I was so excited) and 2 new shirts. Their clothes are worth it!

  4. Cute items!! Love it all.

    I nominated you for the Libester award :) you can find more details on my blog.



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