Something's Brewing...


My heart is bursting with joy to finally share this little secret that I've been keeping since December! Kyle and I could not be more excited to welcome a precious little baby this August (15th is the official due date!). God is so, so good!

It feels weird to have been going through something so big and major but not really being at a place to blog about it. I've been holding all the words of my heart so close these past couple of months, and I cannot tell you the relief I feel finally being able to write about it. And,  It's just so nice to be sharing this kind of pregnancy post instead of the last one I shared. I have so much to say. Because I've been feeling so much. Pregnancy in general I'm sure is a roller coaster. Pregnancy after a loss is a roller coaster times infinity.

So, bear with me if pregnancy-related posts are what you get out of me over the next week or so! It's been a long time coming (or at least it's felt that way to me!).

Oh, happy day!


  1. Congratulations! Love the cute announcement photo and can't wait to see bumpdates!

  2. So very happy for you Laura! Such an adorable announcement, I love me some PCJ!

  3. aww CONGRATS! Absolutely love this picture!! So happy for you two!

  4. So so so excited for you two! I can't wait to follow you guys on this exciting journey!


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