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Happy Friday! I'm linking up with the lovely AprilNatashaChristina, and Darci for Five on Friday!

Here we go!

Snow, snow, snowy, snow, snow--- My gracious! Thanks to multiple winter weather systems hitting NC my past two weeks have turned into a spontaneous vacation! I have literally worked 2.5 out of the last ten workdays, and I have loved every second of it--a perfect mix of relaxation and productivity around the house! I haven't even gone stir crazy, especially since Kyle's been home for most of it, and we want to soak up as much couple time as we can these days.  And yes, I did watch a whole season of America's Next Top Model on Hulu. And now I'm on Pretty Little Liars. Except today House of Cards' new season was released! Eeeek!

Cats out of the bag-- What a relief to finally have announced our pregnancy! We've had so much fun getting to talk openly about it and are pumped to share our journey here on the blog! In case you need to catch up, check here and here!

One in every color-- I am obsessed with this top from Loft. It can be dressed up or down, is super flattering, and is actually long enough to wear with leggings (you can't tell in the pic, but it's longer in the back and covers the least for a shorty like me!). I also love the it can be either 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve and can transition nicely into Spring. I am currently on a shopping hiatus but did have to break the rules to snag this during a 50% off sale recently. And double snaps for the fact that this top also hides a newbie baby bump quite nicely!

Bridal Shower Gifts-- My life-long bestie is getting married in just a little over a month, and I had so much fun at her bridal shower this past weekend. Between her wedding, my brother's wedding, and my cousin's wedding later this year, I feel like I'm going to be attending lots of fun showers, and I'm always on the lookout for great gifts--especially for ones that themed in some way. I've been scouring Pinterest for some good ideas and wanted to share a few of my favorites:

1. Milestones Wine Basket

2. Perfect Pairs Basket

3. Chic Cooking Basket

Valentine's Day (a lotta-bit little late)--- I know I'm way late with this, but I am at least still within the month in which V-Day takes place, so that counts for something, right!? And, if we're being honest, I really did write half of this post last Friday...which was only a week after Heart Day!

 There are lots of differing thoughts about this "Hallmark Holiday", but I fall into the "this is truly one of my favorite holidays" camp. I love everything about it. The pink, red, and white. Making valentines, especially for my students. Watching chick-flick love stories. Happy sigh. I kicked my celebrations off early the weekend before with a girl's night with some teacher friends where ate yummies, made our valentines for our students, and had girl talk. Kyle and I had a low-key early Valentine's dinner on Friday night, which was delicious and made especially better by the fact that we had a gift-card. Our presents for each other this year were "labors of love." I went and stood in line for an hour with Kyle to help him get his hands on a special-release beer. Kyle is going to clean out my car, which is not going to be an easy task for him! On the actual day we got to celebrate my friend Lauren's bday with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and games back at her place with friends. It was such a fun night!
Have the best weekend, friends!


  1. Such a cute announcement! I'm already thinking of adorable announcements for our next! :)

  2. Love your pregnancy announcement!

  3. Your pregnancy announcement couldn't be cuter!!! :) CONGRATS!!


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