Spring Fever


It definitely seems to be the common theme among a lot of the blogs I read that I clearly am not the only one suffering from one or more of the following: busy-ness, lack of "blog" inspiration, and an overwhelming desire to drop everything and immediately drive to the nearest beach.  Spring Fever has struck, and I have the bug big time! Therefore, this post is full of random stories from my classroom over the last week or so as my brain is certainly not functioning well enough to stick to one specific thought at this very moment!

My 3rd graders had to do an official writing prompt today on a person they admire, and I have to say, it was extremely interesting to see who is admirable in a 9-year old's eyes. I was literally on an emotional roller coaster as I read them! Some made me cry, like my precious boy who has been dealt the worst of hands in life, who wrote about how he admires his father because he works so hard to provide for the family and never buys or does anything for himself. Others were hysterical, like the one from my friend Lauren's class, where the kid wrote: "David Beckham, reason 1- great soccer player, reason 2: "People all over the world are buggin' their hairstylists for David Beckham's hair. Everyone thinks it looks amazing. Then again, some people think he's just showing off. But it you're one of those people then lay off David Beckham! I say he is just stylin'! Really, his hair looks awesome people!"  
I only wish you could meet this kid...Hi-larious!

It's also teacher appreciation week, and let's just say it should be called "Carb Appreciation Week" because I have gotten enough candy and baked goods to feed a small village, in addition to the 2 lunches and 1 breakfast provided by the parents...not that I'm complaining! It is always nice to feel appreciated! Especially when you're working in a job where some parents feel obligated to share with you everything you're not doing well.  They've also been having raffles all week, and today, my TA won today! My students were really concerned about my feelings at not having won yet this week and assured me that the key to winning the raffle was making myself more well-known and "getting my face out there more!" How funny are they!? They clearly weren't listening during my probability lesson because I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with "getting my face out there more" and everything to do with that fact that I only have a 1 in 50 shot! 

And, this post wouldn't be complete without a shout-out to one of my favsies, we'll call her Lil S, who I had the privilege of bowling with this weekend at one of my other students' birthday parties! Lil S is one of my 3rd graders who is absolutely precious! She's super teeny with this wild curly hair (which she unsuccessfully tried to straighten this week for dress like your teacher day!), and she's basically the definition of a hot mess! She shuffles when she walks, has my TA write her notes so she doesn't forget things, and has the best belly-aching laugh I've ever heard!  Let's just say watching her bowl was the high-light of my year! Sometimes the ball never even made it down the lane (and we had bumpers!). One time she even managed to throw it out of her lane and down the side where the employees walk! She is just too cute! 

Have I mentioned that I heart teaching and am entertained on a daily basis?

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