How to be a Fashionable Yet Thrifty Shopper


I have a confession to make...I'm pretty easy! But not in the sleezy sort of way! You know how they say food is the way to a man's heart. Well shopping is the way to mine! Cue adorable pinterest quote...

Per request from my beautiful cousin Kathleen, who is mommy to my favorite baby in the world, Addison, I am writing a post to share some of my tricks of the trade for finding cute steals while shopping...just in time for tax free weekend... score! I worked at the Loft every summer throughout college and then some, and saw some people get some amazing deals...which I of course immediately bought for myself at my even better employee discount! But the moral of the story is I realized that there is NO reason to pay tons of money to look good on a daily basis. Now, if you've been following, you know that I've been contemplating splurging on a pair of boots, and thus, do feel that there is a time and a place to splurge...just not every time you shop!
No Leighton...we don't have to shop at Gucci to look fabulous!

 Let me preface this by saying that these are things that have worked for me, but I in no way profess to be the world's expert on shopping for deals! If you are, in fact, that person, then let me know so I can learn from you! Also, most of my shopping is done at stores like Loft, Gap, Banana, the Limited, and JCrew, so my tips mostly work at stores like these. I wish I could say the same for stores like Anthropologie...but hey, you win some, you lose some!  Here are 3 simple tips for building a tres chic wardrobe without breaking the bank:

Tip 1-- Don't Pay Full Price for Anything! I repeat Anything! Most stores are constantly running in store or online promotionals! I have even gotten to the point where I won't shop at most stores unless it's 40% off (or more!) because I know the second I buy something at 25 or 30% off, it's just going to be discounted more in the next few days! The best part is that a lot of stores will let you use a coupon or other discount on top of the in-store promotions! Ummm hellooooo good deals! If you're a teacher or a student, this can really work in your favor! I know for a fact that Loft, Banana, and JCrew all offer student/teacher discounts! Recent Example-- this weekend I shopped at Loft. The whole store (including sale) was 40% off! Great! And then, I had the luxury of choosing between my Teacher Discount (15% off) or my coupon (25% off) question there! To get clothes 40% off and then an extra 25% off of that price is just too good to pass up!

Tip 2-- Speaking of coupons...they should be your best friend! Some stores hand them out once you've made a purchase to get you to come back. Others will email them out to you. Places like Tanger Outlets offer certain discounts for AAA members, and I was super stoked to see some coupons from them in the News & Observer on Sunday! I keep my coupons constantly on me, and always try to use them on top of another discount! Yes, it may be annoying to give out your email address or get emails daily, but I promise it's worth it because there are some great deals you can out there with the help of those babies! Coupons are our friends. Say it with me now!

Tip 3-- My next weapon of choice for getting a good deal may not be for everyone because I know everyone's not comfortable with or in a good place to use credit cards, but if you are, then I would recommend opening one at the store you shop at the most (if they offer it), and particularly one that you can use other places.

 For instance, I have the Loft Mastercard and the Gap Visa (Well, in an effort of full disclosure, I have quite a few more...but these are the only ones I really use!). Not only did I save extra percents off my purchases when I opened these accounts, but I have also continued to save tons because of them! It's the best way to get special deals at your favorite stores. And, most of them will reward you in some way when you use store and out! For instance, Kyle and I just purchased our plane tickets for Thanksgiving, and i used my Loft Mastercard. From that one purchase I will get a $20 dollar reward card to Loft that can be used just like a gift card! It's very simple...I use purchases on every day expenses and use a credit card that rewards me in the best way possible for money to my favorite stores! NOW...I will say that you have to be super careful with credit cards. I never charge more than I could afford to pay at that very moment and often will go right home and pay it off online. And, I always pay my credit cards off in full. Credit card debt is no joke, and I don't mess with that! 

Welp, I hope this post has been helpful in some way! Happy Shopping, friends!!!


  1. I totally agree with your tips! I never pay full price for clothes. I love shopping at smart set and RW&Co.

    At RW&Co. They have sales where you take an extra 50% off the already marked down prices!

    Yesterday at smart set, the same kind of sale. 50% off already marked down prices. So I ended up getting 2 nice quality shirts for $4 each!

    Felt like such a WINNER!


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