My Ipod Just Got 10 Times Cooler!


I like to say that when Kyle married me, his fashion sense got better. He likes to say when I married him, my taste in music dramatically improved. And, I'd have to agree with him! You can't be married to my husband and not be exposed to three things: music, movies, and the Yankees (well, let's just go ahead and make that all things sports related!).  I actually think it's quite adorable how excited he gets about these things, and I think it's pretty normal to want to learn about the things that people you love are passionate about! And, thank goodness I've been an open book because otherwise, I would have missed out on some of the most amazing bands & singers. Don't get me wrong, I'm never not going to love my pop music-- my Katy Perry, my Ke$sha, my Gaga, etc! But, it's been so amazing to welcome some new, different kind of music onto my Ipod that I definitely think is worth sharing with my bloggy readers (all 21 of you!) in case you, too, needed some musical enlightenment!

My current obsession, courtesy of Kyle, is the band Oh, Land. I cannot get enough of them! I could seriously listen to their songs, "Rainbow," "White Nights," and "Sun of a Gun" on repeat all day long and STILL not be tired of them!  Random connection...totally just heard their song "White Nights" on a Hershey's Bliss commercial! Happy sigh!

I can't imagine not having the band Mumford and Sons in my life, and I actually got to see them in concert back in May (the night before our end-of-the-year parent breakfast, might I add...yes I wore glasses to school the next day, and Kyle cut up fruit for me at 6 in the morning, but I would've done it again in a heartbeat). Just to hear them say, "We love you Raleighhh, Raleighhh we love you" in their cute British accents was enough to complete my life! And...if you're lucky and do get to see them in concert in NC, they may just bring out Joe Kwon from the Avett Brothers to play with them! Unless you've actually been living in a cave, you've probably heard their most famous song, "The Cave," which is beautiful and all things amazing. Actually, all of their songs are amazing, but I especially love "White Blank Page" and "Winter Winds."

What you can't tell is how freaking hott it is, but we were still happy as clams!
Horrible pic, but I promise it's them!

Of course, we could not have a post on great musicians without Florence and the Machine being mentioned. I do have to credit Kyle with discovering this band long before their hit "Dog Days Are Over" was playing in the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love! Which only made it that much more exciting to hear! Her voice is truly mesmerizing, especially when she sings "Cosmic Love." Please go download her songs right now!

Kyle also introduced me to the band,
Beach House, and I heart their songs, like "Norway," "Zebra," and "Walk in the Park." Check it...

And lastly, I was reintroduced to the singer, Robyn, who I remember from ages ago when I was in like middle school with her song "Show Me Love," but her latest album is AMAZING. Love, love love her songs  She is so creative, and is truly genius! "Call Your Girlfriend" and "DanceHall Queen" are my absolute faves!

Some other bands/singers worth noting that you should definitely check out as well would have to be the Flaming Lips, Sufjan Stevens, and Andrew Bird!

Happy Listening!


  1. I also love Mumford and Sons and I am going to have to check out those other bands!

  2. Good picks! I love mumford and florence too...I saw Mumford, Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show on the Railroad Revival Tour here in Austin, TX and it was amazing! I can't get enough of them. Have you heard of Arcade Fire? You would love them too.

  3. MUMFORD! Eric included WInter Winds in a presentation for school this summer =) But you left out one very important group...Small Town Gossip =)


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