Summer Lulu


You know on Jersey Shore how they talk about "Single Ronnie"? He's apparently WAY better than "Locked Down Ronnie" aka Ronnie when he's dating Sammi! 

Welp, all Summer, Kyle and I have been talking about "Summer Lulu," which would be me, only 10 times more fun! It's amazing how much more energetic, goofy, and exciting I am during the summer, which I can only credit to the fact that a) I'm not waking up at 5:30 in the morning b) I actually have time to exercise (hello endorphins!) c) I can watch my trashy TV in peace, blog, read, shop, and do whatever the heck else I want, and d) I'm not exhausted by the numerous responsibilities that teaching entails. 
 Do not get me wrong. I heart teaching. I heart my kids, and I genuinely enjoy going to school every day. But, I give so much of myself that there's just not a ton leftover when I get home. Especially on Fridays. It is embarrassing how early I go to bed on some Fridays during the school year. But, Summer Lulu can stay up late! Summer Lulu is up for spontaneous drinks on a Friday night. Summer Lulu can even make it through a 9 o'clock movie. Summer Lulu can play trivia on a weeknight, can go to lunch with girlfriends on a weekday, can actually write more than one blog post a week! Summer Lulu can go away for a weekend and not feel stressed about coming back on a Sunday because of all the prep that needs to be done for school that week.  So, being that Summer is about 1 week away from over for me, I have GOTS to find a way to prolong the existence of Summer Lulu! I want to be footloose and fancy-free AND an amazing, hard-working teacher! Can't a girl have her cake and eat it too? I'll let you know how it goes! For now, enjoy this last leg of summer! I know I will be!


  1. I love Summer Lulu....and Summer Ash. Next year will be even better w/o class!!

  2. I <3 Lulu Blogs. Here's my advice as a teacher going into year 4 who did exactly the same thing, giving every bit of herself to her job in years 1-3.5 before having a baby and putting it all in perspective: Go ahead and work your booty off now, plan and log amazing lessons that you will be able to keep using in the coming years save a little vamping and revamping, figure out the most efficient ways to plan and deliver, BUT give yourself the grace to "wing it" every once in a while. Even when you're exhausted, try to find or plan a night once a week or every other that you're going to go out (or stay in) as Summer Lulu. This will keep her alive until next summer. Take advantage of weeks with workdays throughout the year and let yourself keep work at work those weeks. All this because you never know when your life as you know it will go topsy-turvey and give you a swift kick in the rear to show you what is ultimately most important. Remember, we started so young that our retirement should last longer than our career! Our families will be here longer than our students, and the LOVE with which you deliver those lessons is ultimately going to be what your students remember about you that what was actually IN the lessons. And you can only Love them if you Love you, and you can only Love you if Summer Lulu truly becomes Year-Round Lulu.

    You are an amazing woman, wife, teacher - in that order. I love you!!!

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous comment above. I think that just about sums it all up!

    Good luck with the school year. I am a semi-retired teacher and know exactly what you mean about being tired!

    Take care and best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.


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