Weekend Round-Up


Boooo for the weekend being almost over :(

At least it was a good one! We had some gorgeous weather this weekend, and I am so pumped that it seems like Spring is here to stay!

My weekend can be summed up in just a few pics...


Kyle was a happy camper on Friday because he got to split a pitcher of beer with our friend, Matt, on our double date on Friday!
I was a happy camper because I got to eat my favorite burger & fries at Bull City Burger!
We continued our evening at Full Steam Brewery, which has an awesome atmosphere, where you can just sit, bring in your own food or buy from the food trucks outside, grab a beer, play games, or just chat! We battled Anna and Matt in a game of Spades!

This was my set-up on Saturday at Port City Java...computer, phone, planner, and delicious food and drink! Kyle met some friends a few blocks away at the local Beer Festival (I'm not a beer drinker and didn't feel like paying $40 to not drink!), and I so kindly offered to drive him home when it was over! I have a TON of grad school work to knock out, and I was very productive in my 3 hours there!

I have the sweetest hubby! I started my first day back to working at Loft today, and after my shift I got to my car and found this sweet note in my seat! Love him to pieces!

I hope everyone else's weekend was all things fabulous!


  1. aww love your sweet note! what a good hubby! :)

  2. that is the sweetest note from your hubby!

  3. so sweet. do you work part time at the loft all the time or did you just start?

  4. You're a sweet wife for driving him and he is even sweeter for the note!! Love y'all together! Miss you girl!

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend! We didn't realize the Beer Festival was going on until last night... but I'm like you, I wouldn't pay not to drink! And girl, you are crazy busy... and going back to work at LOFT? Which one are you at? I need an excuse to shop... haha!


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