Maxi-ed Out!


Ever since I watched the Rachel Zoe episode where she highlights the numerous advantages to wearing a maxi dress...especially around children now that baby Sky Sky can walk...I have become obsessed! I do happen to spend 7 hours a day with 21 children, even if none of them are my own! It's like the lightening struck-- yes, they are super comfortable...yes, you can kneel and squat and sit criss-cross apple-sauce if needed without showing off your lady bits...yes, you can totally not worry if your legs aren't shaved or you're pasty-paste still from winter. The maxi-dress is your life-saver!

But there was just one tiny catch-- if you're 5'2'' maxi dresses aren't exactly the easiest thing to come by! Especially when your go-to stores, like Gap and Old Navy don't even carry their petites in-store and for the longest time didn't even have a good selection of maxis in their petites selection (thank you, Loft, for at least trying!).

Luckily, they've come to their senses and realized that even short girls like to rock the maxi and got on board with a better selection of petite maxis! And, with free shipping for most stores, it's been fairly easy to get my hands on some adorable maxis...even if I have had to buy 3 different sizes at a time just to find the perfect fit!

I had been saving up my credit card rewards from my Gap & Loft cards and figured a few maxis would be the perfect things to use them on!

Old Navy had the most affordable and adorable maxis! I scored two for just $18 a piece. I seriously feel like I'm wearing my pj's when I wear them! Not to mention, my adorable student, Ben, told me that I looked very nice wearing them after staring and giving me hand-motions that signaled his thinking-- what's the occasion here, Mrs. A? Priceless!

Gap had one totally amazing grey maxi that was already on sale with an additional 40% off all sale items...another great deal! And again, so incredibly comfy, yet so incredibly chic looking!

And, I couldn't leave out Loft's fabulous selection of maxis. I saw a picture of my friend, Lindsay, wearing this adorable pretty waves striped maxi and had to have it!
I've also got my eye on this newbie...which they must have already sold out in in petites already! I literally just looked at it 2 days ago! I guess the rest of the petite world agrees with me that a good maxi is hard to come by so you have to strike while it's hot! Sigh.
So, what's your thought on the maxi dress? Love it? Hate it? Couldn't care less about it? The verdict's out!

I think you know mine! ;)

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  1. Maxis are hard to find for tall peeps, too. :( I looked at the first two and they were highwaters on me & looked ridiculous. Sigh. I did find a cute (very long) maxi dress at Target recently, though!


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