Break, Baltimore, and Beebs!


Ahhh...3 of my favorite B's! This is the 3rd year that Kyle and I have gotten to go visit my college bestie, Beebs, and her sweet hubby in Baltimore during one of the weekends of my Spring Break! We had not gotten to see them since the fall, so it was a long overdue visit! Luckily, we had an optional teacher workday on Good Friday, and Kyle was able to get off early, so we were able to hit the road in time to arrive for dinner!

There are a number of verbs to describe how we spent our weekend: eating, drinking, shopping, eating,  chatting, eating, move-watching, eating, game-playing, eating, laughing and more eating. Get my drift? What can I say, Baltimore has amazing restaurants, and Beebs & Brian know the perfect ones to take us to!

I just have to document...ya know, for memories sake, our amazing meal at Woodberry Kitchen on Friday night. Beebs & Brian were so generous to use a couple of gift cards they had to treat us, so we all used that as an excuse to go to town, munching on:

*Ladyfinger popcorn
*homemade Sour Cream & Onion Dip and chips
*cheese platter
*meatballs w/ parsnip cream sauce
*flatbread pizza
*macaroni & cheese
*chicken & biscuits
*can't remember what Beebs & Brian ordered...I think some seafood...I do know that they loved it!
*Kitchen Sink dessert--brownie & blondie sundae with Choc. Chip Cookie Dough ice-cream
*Movie Night dessert-- popcorn ice-cream, and other movie snack goodies
*C.M.P. dessert-- ice cream, marshmallow fluff, chocolate sauce, wet nuts

Heaven on plates!

I also have bunches of non-food related sweet memories to take away from the weekend...well some of them might still have to do with food!

*laughter & pre-dinner drinks at Miguels upon our arrival
*touring the glass-blowing studio before Friday night dinner
*eating our hearts out at Woodberry Kitchen on Friday night...seriously the most amazing food ever!
*good conversation during our long wait for Blue Moon Cafe
*yummy cinnamon rolls & Captain Crunch french toast at Blue Moon
*girl time Saturday afternoon-- shopping and seeing the movie, Admission,-- while the boys watched basketball
*fun dinner at Chazz on Saturday night...again, so delish!
*hilarious game playing 
*wonderful visit and Easter brunch with Ms. Becky on Sunday morning
*learning to play "Crack Off"

Here's a run-down of our weekend via photos...
Kyle, ready to tackle the Good Friday traffic!
So excited to pass a Port City Java in D.C.-- too bad Kyle wouldn't let me stop for a mocha shake!
 Amazing glassblowing studio & gallery connected to the cool!
Beebs says a lot of couples have their wedding receptions here...I see why! It has the coolest vibe!
Glass Blown Candies :)

Amazing pool across the street!
Heart my Beebsies! Pre-dinner pic!

Woodberry Kithen Goodies...

Love these colors!
Most amazing brunch place...totally worth the hour and a half wait!
Waiting for Blue Moon to call us...we were so patient and SO HUNGRY!
Beautiful views walking around the harbor!
Pretty Easter table at Ms. Becky's :) She is such an amazing hostess, and I actually tried to convince her to start a "hostess camp" so that I can come learn her secrets! 
Ms. Becky taught us how to play "Crack Off" with the pretty hard boiled eggs...I'm totally going to start this as an Easter tradition!
Kyle was very confident in his egg cracking abilities...but I totally beat him!
My lucky egg!
Pretty corals for Easter :)
UNC girls! Beebs, Ms. Becky, & me!

So pumped to see T.Swift's tour vehicles on our way home!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I am so sad all the PCJ are gone in Raleigh so I would have had to stop and get some! What is this crack the egg game?


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