Check you out, Seattle ;) Part 1


Kyle and I have officially found the almost-perfect city for us-- Seattle. I say "almost-perfect" because the rain and my hair don't mix too well, but I'm sure that I could work that out. And, I guess it could be more perfect if it was on the East Coast and closer to our families. But, oh, Seattle, how we loved you!

My Spring Break was last week, and Kyle was able to take some vacation days. Since we've pretty much made it a habit over the last few years of spending break with some of absolute best friends, Brittany and Brian (Beebs & B.Do), we decided that the fact that they'd moved across country to Seattle was not going to change that this year!

And, y'all, we had the absolute BEST time. It was so great to be reunited with our friends and to get to explore a fun city that was still relatively new for them, too! Kyle and I had actually been to Seattle together for a few days of a family trip while we were in college, but I honestly did not remember much other than seeing the fish being thrown at Pike Place! And, of course, it's way more fun to visit cities when you're...

a) 21 or older
b) In control of making your own plans!

So, we woke up at the insane hour of 3:50am last Friday to head to the airport and board our plane (first to Boston, then to Seattle).

The cool thing about flying from East Coast to West Coast is that we got there, and it was still only 1:20pm! The not cool thing is that we were SO tired by 7pm. Still, I think we handled adjusting really well! I could totally be bi-coastal, you know, if say, we ended up with a summer home in Seattle ;)

We were greeting with the typical Seattle drizzle but also by the most thoughtful welcome basket with all types of Seattle treats. Beebs is one of those people who is truly blessed with the knack for putting together thoughtful and creative gifts, treats, or parties! She is her mother's daughter, as she likes to say.

Such a cute welcome basket!
Kyle was pumped for the Seattle beers B & B had picked out!
I'm going to attempt to not make this post as long as it could be. And trust me, I could do a whole two posts on the food alone in Seattle! But, I do want to do the trip justice and make sure I remember everything, so bear with me! And, I think I'll break it into two parts-- you're welcome :D


Weather- a little drizzly when we first arrived, then almost-sunny ;)

Activities- flew across country, ate lunch at Toulouse Petit,  toured B & B's new house, got our first look at Mt. Ranier (or attempted look...too cloudy to see that day) at Kerry Park near their house, drinks at 10 Mercer, tapas and more drinks at Tango, home to play our first game of Tock (girls vs. boys), ice-cream at Molly Moons, more Tock, bed time!

1st Meal at Toulouse Petit...started our eating off right!
 So excited for my 1st Uber ride!
10 Mercer for drinks, round 1
Cheers at Tango!
Tock! Such a fun game :)
Ice Cream @ Molly Moons...I miss that hot fudge!
 Highlights- seeing B & B (obvs!), looking through our welcome basket (as if we weren't excited enough about Seattle!), getting to see their house and neighborhood, first Uber ride, amazing food, and Beebs constantly saying, "Look guys, I think it's my best friend, the Sun!"


Weather- overcast in the morning, drizzly at midday, and downright thunder-storming by late afternoon!

Activities- breakfast at GRUB, walked around Pike Place (made sure to visit the Fish Market, Original Starbucks, the Pike Brewing Company, and the gum wall!), Uber-ed (yes, I just made that a verb!) to Fremont for drinks at Fremont Brewery, picture stop at the Fremont Troll,  lunch at Pecado Bueno, drinks and beer-battered bacon at Maritime Brewery, more drinks at Stoup Brewery, and dessert at Hot Cakes, home for more games of Tock, late dinner at their neighborhood pizza place, Via Tribunali, (which B & B jokingly call, Joey Tribianis), home for more games of Tock.

Ready to start our day!
Mimosas @ Grub
Such a yummy breakfast for Kyle...put my oatmeal to shame! #thanksforsharing
Pike Place Public Market-- #seattletouristpic

Kyle found the pizza place he had visited on his past 2 trips to Seattle :)
I love when they throw the fish! I got a great video of it!

Pike Brewing Co.
First flight of the day!
We make friends easily :)
Gum Wall! So disgusting, yet so cool! 

We didn't let the weather stop us!
Flight #2 @ Fremont Brewing

Pure Joy :) That boy walked around for the rest of the day with those 2 beer bottles in his jacket pockets. That's dedication!

Fremont Troll...B.Do. got captured ;)
Maritime Pacific

Beer Battered Bacon
Brewery # 4 of the day!
I was so patient all day waiting to get here! 
Some simple math: Chocolate = my beer & Hot Cakes = most amazing thing ever
Allow me to introduce Dudley, B & B's precious puggle! Dud the Stud was the source of many fun conversations of the trip! He is king of the castle and keeps all the cats around their neighborhood in line ;)
Duddles :)
Quick BFFs
Via Tribunalis = cutest pizza place ever; Their Mezza Luna (aka Nutella pizza pocket is perfection) & their bruschetta is on point! We ate there twice on our trip because it's that good! And, it's literally a 2 minute walk from their house!
Highlights- Pike Place, seeing how excited Kyle was to visit all of the breweries, Hot Cakes (well worth the walk in the pouring rain!), the dessert at Via Tribunali (pizza dough baked with Nutella inside...heavenly!), and playing Tock! Lots and lots of laughter and shenanigans :)

Stay tuned for more Seattle Shenanigans Part Two!

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  1. I've been dying to go to Seattle! I've heard nothing but amazing things! My parents are wanting to take an Alaskan cruise next year and my only request is that we spend a day or two in Seattle!


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