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Cheers to Friday! And, especially cheers to a long, holiday weekend! 

I'm so excited to be linking up for some Friday fun! It's been awhile. ;)

Weddings--Special Touches
Confession. I was a #prePinterest bride, and I feel like weddings these days just keep getting more and more creative! One of my favorite things about a wedding are the little touches that really represent the couple and make it feel more personal. I mentioned yesterday that my brother got married this past weekend, and their wedding was just perfection! A few things they did that I absolutely loved were:

*A lot of couples do the picture where they stand on either side of the door and hold hands without actually seeing each other. I'm not sure if it was planned or not, but Bryan and Hanna did this, but they also exchanged their presents. It was so sweet to peak in to see their reactions at the same time as they shared that special moment!
This was right before they exchanged their gifts! 
Thanks to Hanna's cousin, Ligon, for the photo that I stole off Facebook ;)

*As they were walking down the aisle after being introduced as newlyweds, they each paused and gave their moms a flower! So precious!

*Hanna had the great idea to have Bryan surprise my mom and go back into the sanctuary to be the one to get to walk her back down the aisle! I wish I could have seen her surprised face! I know it meant the world to her!

Summer Reading List
I have big plans to knock out a ton of summer reading! Some for pleasure, some to prepare for baby, and some lifestyle reads. 

Denim Jacket 
I have been on the fence about denim jackets for a while. Then I saw a "can't live without" post by the lovely, Katie Elizabeth, on her favorite denim jacket. A few weeks later, I read this post on Hello! Happiness and saw more buzz about what a staple item a denim jacket can be. And, just a few days ago my college bestie sent me a bump pic in which she was rocking a cute denim jacket, and I must confess I was sold! Enter a little stop at Loft the other day where they were having an amazing 50% off sale, and I found the perfect denim jacket for me! The fact that it was on sale, and I had a style reward to use and a little leftover on a gift card meant that I was able to snatch that sucker up without feeling guilty whatsoever! #winning

Odd Mom Out
I am newly obsessed with this show! I love everything about it, and it doesn't hurt that I even hear Kyle snickering at some of the jokes if he happens to be in the room while I'm watching. Bonus, it's only a half-hour show (although I could totally get on board with it being an hour!), so it's super perfect for watching when you're trying to make a quick, boring chore (like folding laundry!) more fun! Drop everything and start watching now!

Hospital Bag
So, who knew they recommend you packing your hospital bag by 34 weeks!? I just heard this yesterday! That is this weekend for me, and being the total #newmommy I have every intention of trying to follow the book as best I can, so let the packing-list search commence!

Luckily, a few of my favorite bloggers have some great go-to posts about this!
Cheers, Y'all 
The Newly
Little Baby Garvin
Carolina Charm

I'm sure I'll overpack because that's pretty much the norm for me, but at least I'll be prepared!

Have a safe and amazing 4th!

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  1. Oh wow I had no idea it was as early as 34 weeks! I'd have thought 36 or 37. 34 is only 8 weeks away for me! I'll probably overpack, too lol. Having never done this before, it's hard to know just what we will need! Have fun this weekend! :)

  2. Happiest Baby on the Block is fab - one of my faves for baby rearing. Also, GOTT was an awesome read - definitely a page-turner!

  3. LOVE everything here and I cannot believe you are SO close! How exciting! (and yes girl get that bag packed!!) :) xoxo


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