Friday Five


Yay for Friday! It's so crazy to me that in 3 Fridays or less I will be holding my precious baby boy in my arms! Looking at the "Guess the Due-Date" calendar that my sweet, SIL, made for my gender reveal party--I totally put today down as my guess! #soready #needmoretime

Now for my Friday Five...

Dreaming of Fall

Definitely not wanting to wish away this last leg of summer, but I can't help being giddy over fall fashion. It has always been my fave-- as in, summer before senior year of high school I actually left Disney World early to go back to the hotel so I could flip through Vogue's first look at fall edition in peace and quiet.  To be fair, this was the tail end of a two-week family vacation, so it's totally fine to have had a #diva moment, right?

But, yes, bring on the boots, booties, scarves, long cardigans, leggings, and gorgeous fall prints & colors!

And, I'll take one of each of these beauties below to help make the transition to fall that much easier ;) Only a few days left for these babies to be on sale!


I know this is not necessarily a new thing, but I just have to mention how much I LOVE getting my Skimm emailed to me every morning. For someone like me, who, especially when I'm teaching, don't feel like I have a ton of time and who also absolutely hates the tone of television news, this is my perfect solution for staying up-to-date. Now I don't have to rely on Kyle to stay current!

 I'll take my news with a side of sass, please. ;)

Preggy Support

I've noticed over the years that I become better at knowing how to be supportive after being in the position to receive support. Does that make sense!? Like, I became a much better bridesmaid and shower-attendee after being a bride. I feel like I have lots of more ideas for ways to better support  my friends who get pregnant now that I've gone through pregnancy! It's not that I wasn't or couldn't be supportive without going through something. I think I just questioned it too much and let my lack of confidence hold me back to an extent. A huge sorry shout-out to my cousin, Kathleen, who, unfortunately, has been the first to go through many of these big milestones and who I am always wishing I could have been better for! This week I've been so blessed by the ways that people close to me have shown support as my pregnancy winds down. From the friend who just came and sat on the couch with me and kept me company while we both worked (online class for her, sub plans for me), to the friend who brought me lunch, to my sweet SIL so excited to hear about my appointments, to the friends who check in on me via text, and to my cousin and her sweet hubby who are coming to clean our house this Saturday-- I am so incredibly blessed.  I now know how much just a simple text or act of support can go such a long way! And, it just makes me want to pay it forward!

Modern Burlap Swaddle Blankets

I'm loving these Modern Burlap swaddle blankets that my weekly email from BabyList raved about! The black and white designs are so on-point. How, how do you mommas out there resist buying every cute thing you see for baby!? #wehaveplentyofswaddleblankets #whatisonemorethough

Must Bake


I am having mad cravings for something chocolaty and warm! I'm thinking this is a must-make for me  over the weekend! Is it terrible that I'm really trying to milk these last few weeks of pregnancy as far was what I can get away with eating!? $100 bucks says my mom texts me after reading this post to make sure I'm still eating enough veggies!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Girlfriend, I am so dreaming of fall too! BRING. IT. ON!!!
    And grow, baby Barkley, grow! xxxx


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