Five on this Fab Friday


Happy Friday! If school wasn't out for summer break my little 3rd graders and I would be blasting a little Rebecca Black "Friday" and having our weekly dance party to kick off our fave day of the week! Welcoming this day after having slept in and still in my pajamas is most def not too shabby of an alternative ;)

On to my Five on this fabulous Friday...

Grey & White Stripe Obsession

I'm noticing a little bit of a trend here with some of my baby purchases...
{Honest Company Organic Protective Radiation Blanket}
{Solly Baby WrapImage}
{Native Wilds Bamboo Nest- Nursing Cover | Carseat Cover | Infinity Scarf}
I'm so excited about all three of these items! I can only vouch so far for the Honest blanket, which I've had since the fall and love the extra peace of mind it brings while looking like a cute blanket! The others I can't wait to use and know I will love-- the fabrics are so amazingly soft. Let's pray I don't ever tire of the grey and white stripes, but let's be honest-- who could ever get tired of grey and white stripes!?


I have a terrible memory. I especially become aware of my terrible memory when it comes to books that I've read. Enter this book...
Someone had recently recommended this book, so I put it on hold at the library after reading the description. I get the book and read the little blurb on the inside cover with a little more description, and I started thinking that the book sounded familiar. Started reading the book and became 100% confident that I had, in fact, already read this book (most likely last summer). WORST PART-- I had to keep reading it because I remember how it ended! And, I was still surprised! That is terrible, right!? So, if you'd like an easy summer read, I'd recommend this one. I can vouch for it since, ya know, I read it twice and all!

Alima Pure
Over the last two years I've been transitioning to using cleaner products, and Alima Pure has made that transition so much easier for me by producing great products for reasonable prices. I L-O-V-E their Satin Matte Foundation, and it's currently on sale for $20 (down from $25) for a few more days in July! #stockup

A Treat for Any of You Pregnant Ladies

This arrived in my email this morning, and I can't say I hated it ;) Check out this site for more  encouragement from some average looking fellas ;)

Home Decor Overhaul

All of this nesting that I've been able to do and time spent at home this summer has left me dreaming of everything that I want to change about our house, which is absolutely, 100% not practical at this point in our lives. Read-- expecting baby = no extra money to spend. But, I am SO over everything! Maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones talking?

Either way, for starters, I'd like for this lovely, in either feather gray or white, to make it's way onto my bed...

Mom, Kyle, anyone...if you're reading this-- it's on super sale ;)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Yes! I have a gray and white stripe obsession too, mama. Love it!!! xx

  2. Love gray & white stripes! Also, that comforter is lovely!

  3. I have the worst book (and movie) memory, too! I have the hardest time remembering the plots and endings of books. I think its because I read to relax, not to think really hard, so I don't really absorb it!

  4. When I was shopping for baby it was ALL pink polka dot. So I totally get it! Love the grey stripe, it's so versatile!

  5. I've never heard of those radiation blankets - wishing I had before we carted our toddler on 30+ flights! (Flights increase radiation exposure like crazy.) More flying is coming up, but now that he's two there's not much hope in keeping him under a blanket! Loving that duvet!! White would be so heavenly :)

  6. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who does that with books. I frequently go through my to-read stacks and find that I've bought the same book twice. And I have the worst memory when it comes to books. I forget them almost instantly after reading them. I've read the same book twice so many times it's embarrassing.


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