Preggy Update: Weeks 26-33


Happy July! Happy July 2nd to be exact. Where did June go!? Where is this year going!? Please time, slow down!

June was such a crazy month for me as I wrapped up my 6th year of teaching (holy smokes!). And, let me just tell you that trying to pack up a classroom while also still managing 21 students who are CRAY to the Z excited for Summer all while 30 weeks pregnant was quite terrifying stressful. But, whew, I made it!
Last day with these kiddos! Literally on the crazy train!  But I heart them with my whole heart!
And then, the end of June was just full of so much excitement as my brother married the love of his life this past weekend! It was truly one of the most amazing and special weekends, and I can't wait to blog all about it! I'm also secretly so incredibly thankful that my pregnancy did not interfere with their big day! #irrationalfears
Now how about some pregnancy updates. You know, like 7 weeks worth!?

WEEKS 26-33
Bump from the Side!
Bump from the Front!
Movement: All day, every day! It has been so crazy to feel the changes in the movements over the last month or so. I can tell he's getting bigger, so the movements are much more pronounced! We like to joke that his party time is around 10pm, usually right when I'm trying to fall asleep! I've definitely been able to see the movements, too, which is always so cool. Of course, anytime I try to catch it on video to send to Kyle he stops! But yes, feeling his presence all day long is just the most special thing.
Sleep: Really so thankful for how well I've been able to sleep overall (knock on wood!).  My pee breaks have definitely been upped to at least 4 times a night. Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable when I first start to sleep because my belly just feels so big! I'm sure Kyle is ready for the Snoogle to be out of the bed, too! Poor guy has hardly any sleeping space now!

Workouts: I really just need to eliminate this category. ;) I have squeezed in a few walks. It's just so, so hot!

Maternity Clothes: Still mixing and matching. I feel like I'm down to about 6-7 really solid outfits, so I apologize to those of you who've had to see me rocking the same clothes every time I see you! I just need to hold on a little longer! I did grab two pairs of drawstring shorts from Old Navy, which have been so nice and comfy! Also, I was super excited that I made it through all of the wedding functions this past weekend, which included a shrimparoo, bridesmaids luncheon, and rehearsal dinner only having to purchase 1 dress, and it was $10!

Symptoms: I feel like I haven't had a ton of new symptoms. Still peeing all of the time and still having some swelling in my feet. I have definitely had a few more emotional moments and am sometimes finding that my patience is lower than normal (sorry, Kyle!). I definitely don't have the same energy level and will sometimes feel cramping if I walk for longer distances, which I'll let be my excuse for the lack of progress in the Workouts section! ;)

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing too exciting in the cravings front in that I have yet to make Kyle run out for ice-cream at midnight...yet! Recently I've found myself texting Kyle about Oreos, french fries, and s'mores. Oh, and queso! No aversions, so that's good!

Missing Most: Still dreaming of the days I'm not limited to just sleeping on my side! It's also been hard to see all of these amazing summer sales going on and not being able to shop for real clothes! And, I'm so ready to be able to move with ease and grace again! No more grunting when I have to get out of bed!

Nursery: Slowly and steadily coming along. Walls are painted. Crib is set up. Dresser/Changing Table is in place. Wall prints have been ordered! We're hoping to make some big moves here over the next few weeks! I've also started washing some baby clothes, which is probably most my favorite load of laundry I've ever done! The clothes are so teeny tiny!
Still need to:
*purchase glider, squeeze into room somewhere
*put up new blinds, hang curtains
*hang wall prints
*wash sheets and put on crib
*organize dresser & closet
*figure out mobile (we're considering making one)

Hubby: Is just the best, as always! He has been so patient and loving towards me, and is so excited to interact with the belly/baby! He also did such an awesome job getting our stroller and pack-n-play all set up, and I know he's got plans to do keep putting things together, little by little! And, I had so much fun making his first Father's Day so special. I definitely want to backwards blog that day for sure! I truly could not have asked for a more perfect partner throughout this whole thing because he just gets me and has been so incredibly selfless. He's going to be the best daddy!
Infant Care Class! Dude is so good at swaddling! 
First Father's Day Perfection!
Best Part of the Last Few Weeks: Ah! So many great moments! My hometown shower hosted by my aunts was so special and so much fun. I also was spoiled by my TA who not only hosted a little shower with the 3rd grade team but also hosted a little book shower with my class! We've gotten to take two classes-- 1. Birthing and 2. Infant Care/CPR/Breastfeeding-- and both were super informative! And, classes are so much more entertaining when it's a private class and the instructor keeps calling your hubby "Tyler" instead of his actual name, Kyle! I had to bite the inside of my cheeks that whole time to not laugh! We've also had a lot of fun nesting these past few weeks! At 30 weeks we got to have an ultrasound and see our little baby boy! My how he had grown! They said he was weighing 3 pounds 9 oz. at that point!  And, of course, the highlight was Bryan and Hanna's wedding! They are going to be the best uncle and aunt to our little guy, and we're so excited for their new life together!
My heart and soul! Cannot wait to meet him!
3rd Grade Team Shower! Love these ladies!
Wilmington Shower!
Class Number 1-- Check!
Class Number 2-- Check!
Can't Wait For: My mom is coming next week, and I have big plans for us to make some moves around the house and potentially do some cooking to prep some freezer meals! Also excited for my 2nd baby shower next weekend, hosted by two of my high school besties! And, we'll get to see our precious little guy on ultrasound next Tuesday! Fingers crossed he's still in good position!

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  1. I've been wondering how you were doing! Can't wait to "meet" this little guy!


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