Bumpdate: Weeks 34-38


Happy Saturday! I'm officially 39 weeks today, so I better get this preggy update posted stat since I'll hopefully be having a birth story to share very, very soon!

I haven't posted a pregnancy update since Week 33...yowza, but that's OK-- better late than never is the motto of my blogging life ;)

So, about those Weeks 34-38...

Movement: Oh, how I love to feel this little guy moving all the time! It's been funny to feel the changes in his movements throughout these last few weeks as he's growing so big now! Because of our ultrasounds we've been able to tell which parts we're feeling where! And, let me tell you, Oliver's booty is constantly sticking  out of the top, right side of my belly (sometimes pushing into my ribs), and his feet or knees or some part of his leg is always sticking out of my middle left side! At our 38 week appointment I had mentioned that I hadn't felt him as much that day and the day before, which apparently will get you a ticket straight to the fetal movement monitor. It ended up being so fun because we got to see all of the times he was moving (many of which I was not feeling at all!), as well as some uterine contractions of mine (that I also was not feeling!).  And, at our last appointment, he got all excited and was kicking my left side like crazy while they checked his heartbeat, which made it go super high until he finally calmed back down! Kyle could see my belly moving even from the chair! The doc said he was either super long or totally stretching out, too! I know I'm going to miss feeling this precious life inside of me--but holding that precious life in my arms will certainly be a nice alternative!

Sleep: I have a love-hate relationship with sleep right now. It seems like these past few weeks I'll have 2-3 nights of decent sleep followed by 1 night where I hardly sleep at all between the hours of 1-5am. This has made for some really interesting nighttime moments. Kyle and I watched a Master Chef at 4am on one of my worst nights. I had to eat breakfast around 4:00/4:30ish once because I woke up so hungry! I've been on my computer or phone a few times while Kyle slept beside me (and may or may not have made a purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale...oops!). I think the worst part is just knowing that I need to be sleeping as much as I can now because I know I won't get any sleep once he's here! I'm also so over pee breaks! I literally see every hour of the night on the clock starting at around 12:30/1am for my pee breaks, too! And, I've had to add an extra pillow under my belly just to give it a little more support. Fun stuff, I tell ya!

Workouts: Say what!? Does walking to the toilet 50 times a day count!?

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much nothing has changed in this department from the last update, except that now, the two pairs of shorts I was wearing are too tight! But, I've refuse to buy anything clothing-wise for these last few weeks (unless it's stocking up on nursing tanks...so excited about these!) Still rocking this dress in 3 colors and this dress in 2 colors. They are SO incredibly comfortable and my favesies. Don't worry, I do at least change my accessories. But, I will be so happy to give these dresses a break soon, hopefully! ;)
Symptoms: Did I mention I have to pee all of the time? ;) Major feet swelling, light cramping & lower back pain, stiff & sore legs, and heartburn--all of that glamorous fun. And, definitely emotional--cannot even handle sad or scary stuff at all right now.  I also felt like last week I was WAY hungrier than normal, causing Kyle to nickname me the hungry, hungry prego!

Cravings/Aversions: I haven't really had any aversions these last 4 weeks (and probably even before that!). Still craving lots of salty naughtiness, like chips/queso and fries! And, my sweet tooth has remained in tact! I'm loving milkshakes, and Kyle makes the best! He'll not only do chocolate ice cream, but he'll add chocolate syrup and a little cocoa powder to make them extra chocolaty! He knows the way to my heart!

Missing Most: Sleeping peacefully and sleeping on my back or stomach! Actually missing exercise and being able to move easily. Missing having more than 5 outfits to wear. And, missing being able to be out and about like I normally am in the summer! Luckily, my friends have been super amazing and making the extra effort to come closer to me so I don't have to drive as far (because my belly hits the wheel...short leg problems and it's just not as comfortable to drive at this point!).

Nursery: Has made such great progress these past 4 weeks! I am super proud of what Kyle and I have done in there, especially on such a limited budget! I hope to share real pics soon, but here's a sneak peek photo that my cousin snapped!
Hubby: Is awesome, per usual! He's super excited and so ready to meet Oliver! He'll still talks to the belly and gives it kisses daily! And, I love it when he leaves notes for Oliver and me in the morning or mentions Oliver in our texts! He's been such a rockstar continuing to get the gear set-up and just taking care of me. I cannot wait to see him with Oliver and have dreams of our little guy being Kyle's mini-me!
Best Parts of these Weeks: We had an ultrasound at 34 weeks and got to see the most amazing image of Oliver's precious face! We also found out that day that he weighed 5 pounds, 10 oz. at that point and was still exactly at the 50th percentile (which we were assured that this was an area where we didn't want to overachieve, haha!).
That same week my momma came, and we busted out a ton of stuff around the house! She was such a work horse, and the best part was that she cooked (I helped a little!) some amazing freezer meals for us to have on hand! We also got to squeeze in some visits with my brother and sister-in-law (on the way back in from their honeymoon!) and my dad when he came to pick up my mom the next day!
I had another amazing shower hosted by two of my high school besties, Ally and Becca, and with a lot of help from two others, Kristen and Jan! They did such a wonderful job and had so many beautiful special touches with the decorations and food! They are just the best!
We loved that my cousin Kathleen and her hubby, Eric, came to give our house a nice, deep clean last weekend! It was so sweet of them and was so, incredibly helpful! We had lots of fun chatting with them about all things baby (they're the pros, with 2 sweet daughters!). And, Kathleen was especially helpful in helping me get my breast pump set up and giving me the low-down on bottle parts!

We also loved getting to see Oliver on ultrasound at 38 weeks and squeezing in lots of friend-time (and always commenting that this could be the "last game night" or the "last coffee date" before Oliver arrives!)!

And, I have to say, Kyle and I are certainly savoring these last weeks and days just the two of us, spending as much time together as we can. It has been so special!
Can't Wait For: Oliver to be in our arms, safe and sound! 1 or 2 weeks (if he's running on Barkley-time (aka running late...we joke about this with my dad and his side of the fam!) Come on, baby boy! We are so ready to meet you!


  1. You look great, and the nursery looks like it's in a magazine! I hope you get some nights of peaceful sleep before your little guy arrives!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the pop of teal of the dresser in the nursery! What color gray did you use on the walls - I have been on a hunt for the perfect gray for our house!


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