Annoying Wasp & Awkward Turtle


Dear Mr. Wasp Who Has Taken Over Our Mailbox,

You are not a cat, so why do you have 9 flipping lives!? You have overstayed your welcome, given me numerous near-heart-attacks, and procreated. This is not okay. We kindly left the door open for you to peacefully leave. We not so kindly swatted you out. We even went so far as to spray you. Get the heck out! 


In other news,  I think that I just won neighbor-of-the-year with the stunt I just pulled.  So, I've been doing Zumba and been learning lots of new dance moves, some of which are super sexy...which is just hilarious because I am not a sexy dancer at all! When Kyle and I come home from the gym, I always get out before he pulls in the garage because it's a really tight squeeze. And, because I am a dork, I've been trying out some of my moves as Kyle continues to pull into the garage. He laughs, I laugh...good times all around! Welllllll, smarty pants over here decides to do this in broad daylight after dinner. I strike my pose, do my sexy hip movements, and I turn around and am horrified to see my neighbor across the street and his 2-year old son, staring at me, also in horror! What do I do...I wave and hightail it inside! Holy crow, awkward turtles! I am putting myself on house arrest until this embarrassing incident blows over!
Anddddd....I am super excited to announce that I am officially going to be a tar-heel again! I found out today that I was accepted into the School of Ed's Master's for Experienced Teachers (Literacy Concentration) Program! And the best news is that I get to do it with one of my bff's, Ash, and some other teaching friends! Wahooo! Ash and I have been talking about this for so long because we had to get our "plans" down (aka weddings, masters, babies, etc) and we are right on schedule! Now if I could just remember how to write a paper....and read long assignments!


  1. Lu! I didn't know you did Zumba! (Well, if I did, I forgot!) I'm waiting for a Best Buy coupon to come in the mail so I can get the Kinect Zumba game! Then you can come over and show me your moves!

    Congrats to you (and me!!) on getting into grad school! Woo to the hoo.

  2. Ok so I'm just now catching my breath, and catching up on your blog. CONGRATULATIONS to graduate school!! I have literally just submitted my Grad. Portfolio, and only have one more summer.

    ps. I'm jealous that you have kept up on your blog. I need to get to work!

    Love you!


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