My Not So Springy Break: Part I


With all of the snow days we've had this year, it had been forever since we'd had a break because ALL teacher workdays were turned into make-up days. With that said, I was in mad need of a break, so when 2:50pm on Friday rolled around, I was one happy camper! What made it even better was that Friday was a teacher workday, so I was able to actually get things done before the break. Report cards. Check! Speaking of snow...did I mention that the weather was in the 40's and calling for snow in Bmore and the triangle. WTH Mr. Weatherman. Let's just say my spring break felt more like winter break. And I'm glad Beebs had an extra pair of Ugg boots that I could borrow for one day of the trip! 

 I was so excited to leave Saturday morning for Baltimore to visit my college bestie and bride-to-be, Beebs! She's been engaged since February, but I haven't gotten to see her yet! I'd been getting lots of updates on wedding plans, but one piece was missing. No official askage to be a bridesmaid! I wasn't concerned because we've probably been talking about her wedding party since we were sophomores in college, but I was hoping it would happen this trip! That's why I was so excited when she had a pretty little bag waiting on the coffee table when we got to their house! No beating around the bush! She asked me to read the card first, which was so sweet, and of course, made me cry, and then let me look at the goodies! It's a little hard to see in the pics, but she had tervis tumbler made that said "Laura, will you be my bridesmaid" and filled it with chocolate (my favorite!). She also had these amazing brownies called FairyTale brownies that her mom had sent us in college. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I ate most of them, and it was so thoughtful of her to remember how much I loved them! She also put in an adorable picture-frame of us (that matched the bag!) from my bridal luncheon...most likely to be replaced with a picture from all of the upcoming wedding festivities! I felt so special and honored to be asked to stand up with her on her big day and was excited to enjoy a weekend with her and Brian!

I can sum up our trip to Baltimore in 2 of my favorite words: eating and shopping! Beebs and I can shop with the best of them, and I always love a good meal...or dessert...or both! They live in a cute part of Bmore called Locus Point where you can literally walk to all kinds of cute restaurants, shops, and bars AND you're just a short drive or water taxi away from the harbor and other cute areas! On Saturday we ate lunch at a yummy place called Shuckers on the harbor and dinner at an adorable italian place called Pazzaluna right near their house! We shopped at Arundel Mills outlet mall after I may or may not have misread Beeb's iphone map and gotten us super far out of the way...woops! I got to meet Beeb's friend, Paige, and we went out for dessert to the original Vicarros in Little Italy where I indulged in a brownie sundae to die for! 

Sunday morning we brunched at Spoons before another afternoon of shopping, and I met her friends, Andrea and Nick, and got to see their new house! We rooted on our Tarheels in the game against Kentucky while eating a fajita feast at Beeb's mom's, Ms. Becky's, house and felt guilty about eating Kentucky Derby pie after we lost...but only for a hot second because that is probably my favorite dessert EVER! Sidenote-- I didn't get to try the pie until after college because Beebs accidentally dropped it in the parking lot the one time she brought some back to school for me after Thanksgiving! It was worth the wait!

Monday morning we sadly parted with Beebs and Bdo (well technically it was Sunday night) and headed into D.C. for a quick day visit! Can I just say that we somehow never once got in any of the dreaded traffic I always think of when I think of that area and that our GPS is my new bff! We have even named her the Dame because she sounds so fancy...and Brittish! There were 2 things I wanted to do in DC, and Kyle was kind enough to oblige. I have always been interested in reading and learning about the Holocaust but had never made it to the museum. And, as I mentioned in my last bloggy, I was dying to go to Georgetown Cupcakes where DC Cupcakes is filmed! Both were amazing, but in 2 completely different ways.  I won't speak much on the Holocaust museum,  other than to say that you just need to go and experience it for yourself. And give yourself more than 2 hours. And I apologize for the lack of pictures...but it was just too darn cold! At least we got one (sort of) with the Washington Monument in the background! Our one piece of evidence that we actually did go to DC!

Now, for a topic that I hold dear to my heart...cupcakes! Specifically, Georgetown Cupcakes. I was so afraid that we  wouldn't be able to find it or that the line would be too long or the traffic would keep us from getting there. But, like everything on this trip, it went SO smoothly! We found it thanks to the Dame. Kyle dropped me off and went to find parking so I could get in the line. It wasn't too long of a line out the door. I maybe waited for about 15 minutes, which was put to good use picking out my cupcakes with the menu that they so kindly handed out to everyone in line. Kyle joined me and we made it in and out with the snap of a finger! I was just so impressed with how efficient the whole process went. You can tell that they definitely know how to handle the masses! The shop was super cute and the cupcakes were amazing! We got 6 cupcakes (2 chocolate on chocolates, 1 chocolate on vanilla, 1 toffee, 1 white birthday cake, and 1 cinnamon). I tried all but the cinnamon because I'm not much of a fan and was sugared out at that point! And surprisingly, the toffee was my favorite! Something about the cream-cheese icing and toffee combo really stole my heart! Not that the others weren't absolutely amazing!  Georgetown cupcakes, you have my stamp of approval...for what it's worth!

After our cupcake rendezvous, we hopped back in the car and drove to Sterling, VA to meet up with Kyle's best friend from high school, David, and his wife, Lia, for dinner at Sweet Water Tavern. We had a great time catching up with them over a delicious meal! We could've stayed longer but we also wanted to get in a good visit with my cousin's family, who we were staying with that night! I had promised my cousin, Anna, a cupcakes, and luckily, we were able to deliver! Aunt Clair, Uncle Philip, Anna, their other Grandparents, the Peytons, Kyle and I all gathered around their kitchen to share the last remnants of the cupcakes! The cupcakes got their seal of approval as well! We also got to meet their new doggy, Captain, who is a frisky little fellow! He was so excited to see us and sad to see us go that he piddled on the floor both times! I wish that we could have stayed longer because our quick little visit just didn't do, but we are looking forward to being up that way again soon!

We drove home on Tuesday to end Part I of my Spring Break! I was so excited to get home so that I could lay out all of the new UnderArmor that I scored while I was up there! Did I mention that Beebs works for them and that she so kindly emptied out a little of her closet of some things that she was done with and let me have them! We also shopped for some at the outlet, too! It felt like Christmas...UA style! Nothing motivates me more to work out than cute workout clothes!  I promised her that now, I had no excuse to not go to the gym! Feast your eyes on this friends....thank you Beebs!

Stay tuned for Part II! 

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