First of Many...Wedding Anniversary Numero Uno!


I cannot believe Kyle and I have our first 365 days of marriage behind us! I've been anticipating this day coming for a couple of weeks now, and I just can't help but feel completely overwhelmed with happiness, joy, and loads of love.  More so than ever before, we have become a true team this year, a partnership, and it has been so special to see how easily we fell into the roles of husband and wife. This is not to say that this year or our relationship has been perfect...that would be a far cry from the truth. But that makes this year even more special to me. The fact that we sit here, 365 days after we said our vows, through all that life has thrown at us (the good and the bad) this past year, just as in love, if not more!
So, in honor of this day, I am excited to share our story.

Travel back with me to October 23, 1999. 7th grade. Ms. Chodrow's class.  Kyle is the new student in our class. He had just moved to Wilmy from Fayetteville.  I don't exactly remember that day. In fact, one of my only real memories of that year is one that I'd like to forget. Because my friend, Caroline, and I may or may not have accidentally started a little rumor about Kyle that may or may not have gotten his start at good ol' Roland Grise off to a rocky start. Luckily, he doesn't hold that against me! And, luckily, Kyle was super tall and athletic and quickly found friends through sports.  My other memory of that year is our class trip to Camp Kanuga which consists of one of my best guy friends at the time, Matt, running out of the boys' cabin yelling "Kyle is shaving in the bathroom!" Yep, Kyle was pretty much a man in 7th grade! Did I mention he was really tall?

Fast forward to 10th grade. Kyle sat behind me in Geometry class. This was the year that Kyle and I became really good friends. I even have the card that Kyle made for me on my 16th birthday, which said "Happy Birthday!" and something about my present being some free math tutoring lessons...which is hilarious because I'm pretty sure I did better than Kyle in that class! This was also the year that I was asked to be the scorekeeper for the basketball team since my brother was on the team, and I went to all the games anyways. Kyle played on the JV team at that time, but I was around him all the time between school and games.  

During our junior year, I had the tough job of riding the bus with the team to all of their away games. Imagine, me, the lone girl, with 15 boys on a bus. Let's just say I was in HEAVEN!  Some friends were working on setting Kyle and me up, but I was also flirting with another guy on the team named, Nolan. I distinctly remember going up to the coach, who is my preacher's son and also was one of my youth group leaders, and saying, "Who should I go for. Kyle or Nolan?" He bluntly stated, "Kyle." A couple days later, we had our first date scheduled!

Now, if you know me, you know that I eat dinner super early. Our date was originally scheduled for Saturday, but Kyle called me on Friday (at 5:00pm), and asked if we could go that night. I can't even remember why! All  I know is that I had already eaten dinner but agreed to go anyways. We went to Carraba's with our couple friends, David and Liz, and I ordered a water. And that's it! If only I were as healthy now as I was then. We went back to David's house, where I fell asleep in Kyle's arms while watching Old School. At 10:00, Kyle promptly walked me to my car so that I could be home for my 10:30 curfew since I had to take the SAT's the next day! It was a great first date (minus the fact  that I passed up a free meal!).

A couple of weeks later, on December 12, 2003, Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend while we were watching Red Dragon at his house. It doesn't get more high school than that!

We took one step forward and never looked back! Prom, high school graduation, college, college graduation, first jobs....we've been through it all together! Kyle asked me to marry him the August before my senior year of college, and we said "I do" on April 17, 2010.  We are the best of friends, polar opposites, and the loves of each other's lives.  

Kyle, you are my one great love.  Here's to us celebrating this love for many years to come!


  1. Heheheeee!

    I must say that my favorite part of this post is watching Kyle's hair change through the years.

  2. Heart overflowing. Love you guys!


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