April Showers...the Baby Kind!


One of my fellow 3rd grade teachers and unofficial mentors, affectionately known as Feixy, is having a baby boy in just a few short weeks! Therefore, the week of showers for her has begun as we're scrambling to get them done in case we have an early arrival on our hands! 

Before I go any further, I must relay the conversation that took place in my classroom regarding said baby shower.
Me (shouting across the classroom):  Mrs. White, before I forget,  we need to talk about the baby shower cake for Mrs. Feix later today
Mrs. W:  OMG yes! The shower's next week, right?
Student: Wait, you're going to bake a cake while Mrs. Feix takes a shower? 
Gotta love those 9 year olds! 

Baby Shower Numero Uno was this morning and had some adorable decorations that I definitely snapped pics of! I was so proud of my "Bathtime Literacy" themed present of water-proof books, rubber duckies, and a froggy puppet-like wash cloth because I am such a teacher nerd! I got some great ideas for decorations if I ever have to throw a baby shower (don't get any ideas, Ash!).

Can I just say that I work with some of the most fabulous ladies ever! And, can I also say that Feixy doesn't even look preggers in this photo! Some people are just blessed w/ fabulous skinny genes!
After shower #1, I raced over to my TA, Whitey's, house to bake the cake for shower #2, which was happening the next day! We found a cute idea for a rubber ducky cake and did the best we could! Whitey taught me how to neatly ice a cake, and since I'm feeling nice, I'll share her secret, that may actually have only been a secret to me since I'm not quite so domestic, but here goes...if you do an initial layer and then put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then ice the next layer, it works super well without tearing the cake! Woop woop!

And, just in case you were wondering if I got baby fever from all of this baby celebrating...the answer is HECK NO! I took one look at that "After Birth Survival Kit," which included hemorrhoid cream, stool softeners, and numbing spray for your crouch...YIKES! I'd like to buy into the stork dropping off the baby option, please!


  1. OMG - numbing spray?! I'm so scared for my future pregnant self! Good Grief! No wonder these women deserve such awesome showers! Thanks for the icing tip! That cake is adorable!!!

  2. BAH. I was all "Aww.....cute! Babies!" until that last paragraph. And I totally miss you saying "crouch" all the time! The cake is super cute and I love the onesie decoration idea (it's like the new thing -- I've seen it on so many blogs lately!).

  3. trust me, that numbing spray is a blessing from Jay-sus himself - luckily you only need it for the first week or so after you pop the baby out :)

    love the shower cakes!

  4. Lauren, I'm so glad you shared that because some of those girls at the showers made me so scared! I guess I can handle a week!

  5. Numbing creme.. that doesn't sound like fun. Good to know you only need it for about a week! Is that a picture of a diaper cake? How cool!


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