Teacher Appreciation Week Wrap Up!


Teacher Appreciation Week is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year, and it's not just because of the fun gifts or good foods! It's the kind words and sweet gestures that help you remember that it's SO worth all of the stress and extra hours because of the extreme difference you are making!

I love the way our PTA organizes our week because they pick a theme for each day and do it in a way that tries to make it equitable, so that all students can feel like they can show appreciation for their teachers. We have a day where the students where school colors, pick a flower from their garden (or the school garden) to bring to their teacher, make a card, and donate school supplies and candy to big buckets at the front of the school!

My room parent was so creative (and is totally on Pinterest!) and really worked hard to make each day special for us!

Check out those pencil vases! And I loved getting to add each child's flower to make a gorgeous bouquet!
So cute!
Precious words!
Cards from all the students! Adorable!
And, I won the teacher raffle! I had told my kiddos all week that I wanted to win, totally joking, but when it happened, they swarmed around me, giving me hugs like I'd won the lottery! Did I mention I love my 3rd graders!?

Bath & Body goodies AND a Starbucks gift card!
It was truly a special week, and I just couldn't be more thankful for my 20 students and their wonderful families!

And, to all of my fellow teachers out there, just know that there is no higher calling!


  1. Laura,

    How sweet is this! makes me wanna be a teacher ;)

  2. Adorable gifts! Also, I wanted to let you know that I moved from JaneAustenPrepster to http://preppostgrad.blogspot.com/


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