These days...


I have totally fallen off the blogging bandwagon these days, but I am so happy to say that hopefully that will be changing VERY in 2 weeks when I will say a sad/happy goodbye to my kiddos and summer break will officially begin!

I'm hoping having some much-needed down-time will help restore my creative juices and that this blog will perk back up!

But, just in case you were wondering, here's what I've been up to these days...

*I got my babies through their first round of EOG's! I was super proud of them, and their scores were really awesome! It's one of my least favorite things to go through, but so far, it always turns out OK in the grand scheme of things!

*I've been working at the Lofty-loo, trying not to spend more than I make! I was actually telling Kyle that I think working there is curbing my spending habits because I don't feel like I have to buy something right then and there because of a good deal or I always get a good deal with my discount, so I can take my time with my buying!

*We celebrated my Mom's birthday this past Saturday with lunch at Brixx and an afternoon showing of What to Expect When You're Expecting! It was super cute! And, we may or may not have gotten 3 desserts at Chili's afterwards to split between my parents and Kyle and me!

*And, Kyle and I are have ventured into yet another fun aspect of adult-hood called "Buying a Car"! Kyle's Jeep had gotten to the point where we were either going to have to lay down a chunk of change to get some major repairs OR lay down a chunk of change to get a new (used!) car! Clearly we chose the latter! Yay for our new Tiguan! I know, I'd never heard of one either until Kyle's parents got one! But, Kyle seems to know his cars and liked the fact that it was German-made, was still an SUV but a smaller one, and had some other features that I just don't seem to understand enough to talk about!

And that's pretty much it, folks! I'm excited to finally get back to not only writing on my blog but to also reading yours! Here's to a better blogging summer!

Happy Memorial Day, friends!


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