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Cheers to the weekend! Except for those of us teachers who have Saturday school tomorrow because of the snow days...nuts!

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And, because I was too nervous at first (after our miscarriage) and then too frazzled to get my act together, I have not nearly documented my pregnancy in the way I always imagined I would. I was totally set to do the weekly bumpdates and all that good stuff!

So, today I am packing in the past 21 weeks of pregnancy into this fab Five on Friday post!

This should be fun!

Symptoms--- My gracious! I can't complain because I know some people have it really rough, but I've definitely had some symptoms. I think that hardest part of the first trimester was dealing with the crazy food aversions and just overall nausea. I only every got physically sick once (and I'm not even sure it was pregnancy-related), but I definitely had the nausea. And finding food that was appealing was tough! I felt super limited because I'm already gluten-free and then add on the foods you have to eliminate while pregnant-- I felt totally defeated at times because anything that sounded appealing I couldn't eat and nothing that I could eat sounded appealing. I am SO glad that part of pregnancy is behind me! I've definitely also felt tired and sluggish throughout the pregnancy (probs didn't exercise from December-February...oops!) and at times have had the emotional breakdowns (although I think I've mostly been a super happy and pleasant preggo). I definitely had the soreness with the girls and am definitely enjoying not needing any padding up top these days, if you catch my drift ;)  I've also had an insanely good sense of smell, which has its pros and cons. And, recently I've had super uncomfortable pain in my hips at night (thank you memory foam mattress that just arrived!) and a little ankle swelling (not ready for this!). Oh and let's not forget the crazy amount of trips to the bathroom-- I was getting up once a night for the first 19 weeks and now I'm up two times...not cool. Thank goodness for 2nd trimester, which is when I finally started feeling like myself again. Now, I'm loving actually looking pregnant and feeling my precious little guy moving up a storm!
Cravings/Aversions--- I've definitely had plenty of both throughout the pregnancy! Cravings-wise, I remember one of the first weird cravings I had was for Blow-Pops. I am not really a fruity-candy person at all, but for some reason Blow Pops were just a necessity for a few weeks there in the beginning. I also lived Pirate's Booty for a few weeks early on. And, I just had to have Orange Juice (which I never drink anymore but have the fondest memories of drinking with my Grandaddy!) and was really into GF bagels for breakfast instead of my normal egg casserole. I've also craved different salty snacks at different times--Doritos, sea-salt popcorn, and now I'm currently on BBQ chips! I'd  given up soda for the past few years but just had to have a Sprite...from the fountain, of course. And, gummy bears-- I don't ever eat those but, man, they have sounded yummy this pregnancy! My main aversions have been vegetables (unless hidden in a smoothie). Don't even bring them close to me! I also couldn't have meat for the longest time unless it was cut up really small.  And, I was really was thrown by the few weeks that sweets did not sound appetizing to me because anyone who knows me knows I have the biggest sweet tooth. But, I think the weirdest one was the month (early on) where I could not drink the water from our house. It tasted TERRIBLE. I had to buy bottled water. And then, all of a sudden, one day it was totally back to normal! Kyle has been so kind to deal with all of my cravings and aversions.  I think I say to him at least once a day, "Boo, you know what I really want..." and then rattle off something crazy!
Emotions--- I've been pretty honest about how hard this pregnancy has been emotionally, especially during that first trimester. Having this baby is the most important thing to us and knowing how much can be out of your control and out of your hands as far as making that happen is tough. I've constantly battled the doubts that this could actually happen, and I still do. I probably will until I'm holding our sweet baby boy in my arms. About a week before every appointment we have the nerves start kicking in. Each successful appointment we have feels like another hurdle we've jumped over in this super long race. But, I've also tried not to let the joy be stolen from this pregnancy--I think I've just been more private about my elation that this is actually happening! And, I think the fun really starts to kick in once you get to start announcing. And then you have your gender reveal and your belly bump is showing. There's just a steady flow of excitement these days! I will be 22 weeks tomorrow! 22 weeks! And, now that I am feeling him move pretty much daily, I have that extra reassurance that all is well! Like I said, I know the worries will never not be there, but for now, I am soaking in every moment when the worries are cast aside and Kyle and I get to dream about this little life that we made growing inside of me. 

Dressing the Bump--- I loved that the beginning of my pregnancy was during winter because I could rock leggings constantly, especially over winter-break and the 2 weeks of snow we had in February. Between leggings, the rubber-band trick, and the belly band I had bought during my 1st pregnancy I was able to hold off on buying maternity clothes for quite some time. For most of March I was pretty much full-time in either maternity pants or using the belly-band with my regular pants, but I'm happy that I've been able to so-far get away with non-maternity tops! Now that Spring is here, I'm LOVING my maxi-dresses and wear them almost daily because they work so well with a bump. I also am so thankful for maternity clothes that my two friends, Ally and Kelly, have leant to me. Between what I've borrowed and a few key purchases (and some non-maternity clothes that still work while pregnant) I think I'm pretty set for a while in the clothing department. Oh, and I did buy this maternity bathing suit from Loft because goodness knows with this heat I will definitely need to float in the pool some this summer! And, some days, you just gotta rock your hubby's clothes ;)
Bump Pics-- From March to April!
Bump from the front-- Left from mid March, Right from Easter Sunday!
Had to text Kyle a pic of me in his t-shirt and boxers!
The Hubs--- I truly could not be more grateful for Kyle and the rock that he has been for me this pregnancy.  It's hard because at times I feel so much pressure because I know he wants a baby as much as I do, and I feel like it's all up to me and my body and my health to make it happen. But, he never makes me feel that way and is always just super supportive and so incredibly selfless and helpful. It is so fun to see him get excited about being a daddy, and I know he'll be the best! He was counting down the weeks until the baby's hearing was developed and we could do the Bellybuds so he could play music for the baby. He's also super cute and talks to my belly, and it just makes my heart melt. He's also been so involved in every aspect of the pregnancy-- from coming to all of the appointments, to asking questions, reading the books, planning the nursery, and helping research items for the registry and different childcare options. I never thought I could love him any more but seeing him become a Dad completely changed that. Our baby boy is going to be so lucky to have him as a father!

Welp, there we go! All caught up!

Here's to hoping for regular weekly updates ;)


  1. I so want to be pregnant in the winter next time. The heat of summer just about killed me last year!

  2. Your Kate Middleton and Jay Z are cracking me up!! So sorry about the Saturday school, bah! Love the preggers updates! You are too cute :)


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