Happy Boo Day!


Ohhhh Halloween...how I love you! This girl LOVES any excuse to dress up, and since this is the first year that I can remember that I didn't get to, I decided to a lil' costumes recap from the past few years! Now, if you know anything about Carolina, you know that Halloween there is a PBFD...pretty big flippin' deal. Franklin Street (before they started to crack down like I hear they're doing this year) was NUTS every year, and everyone spent their Halloween evenings freezing their tushies off waltzing (or stumbling) around in their skimpy costumes!  Now, I didn't quite know the "rules" of Franklin Street Halloween until after my Freshman year. And by rules, I mean the fact that Halloween is basically the one night where it's acceptable (more like required) to dress scandalously.  Beebs and I showed up to Franklin St. our freshman year dressed as angels...in jeans, long-sleeve white shirts, angel wings, and halos...and we were totally out of place! In our defense, Beebs was SUPER sick and really probably shouldn't have been out there in the first place...so we'll just blame our "too-covered" costumes on that fact! I know there's a picture somewhere...I just can't seem to find it!

Our Sophomore Year was no joke. We knew the ropes, and we showed up prepared...as Santa's Helpers!

Junior Year, we decided to be Lobsters, which I totally stole from Kyle's cousin...so I cannot claim credit for this creative idea!

Kyle was my "McDreamy" this year!
And, Senior Year, we had promised ourselves as Freshman that as Seniors we'd go as Vickie's Angels...but let's just say we weren't quite feeling that brave...so we re-used our red dresses from the Lobster costumes and went as Lady Bugs...with our other-insect counter-parts! 

Lady Bug Kisses from My Mexican Killer Bee
Those were the good ole' days! 

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. I usually love Halloween too, but I was a total hermit and turned off my porch light and dared a kid to ring the door bell and wake my sleeping 8 mo. old haha.

    Greenville's 5th street is wild and crazy but I would have loved to hit up Franklin too. Oh to be in college again.

  2. Red is definitely your color, girl! I love all of the costumes -- the lobsters especially :)

    I only made it to UNC's festivities once and MAN they were crazy. Too much fun.


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