Kyle and I had such a fun weekend with Friday-night Octoberfestivities and a Saturday-night wedding, and it was just what I needed because I've been feeling so bogged down with teaching and grad school, wondering if I was ever going to have a life again! I'm feeling the need for a weekend recap because I'm sure I'm going to need to look back on this weekend to remember that it is possible to still have fun AND get my work done. 

So, Friday Octoberfest. Kyle wanted a BIG beer and some traditional German food to pay homage to this awesome tradition, so we went out to a German restaurant called Bravarian Brathaus with some friends and friends of friends. Weinerschitzel, anyone?  The restaurant was all decked out for the celebration, complete with a super annoying adorable old man playing the accordion in his presh German outfit...that didn't quite zip up all the way in the back! He def hadn't perfected the gift of timing and showed up at our table right in the middle of stories, forcing us to yell across the table. They were super crowded and running around like chickens with their heads cut off and never quite managed to get Alex her LIT. The menu was hilarious to read, and we totally butchered the pronounciations. And, the food was kind of nasty, as in I will NEVER eat there again. Butttt none of that seemed to matter when you're with good company! And, we were there for the experience...and it sure was one!  Luckily, we followed up dinner with drinks at City Beverage, which was the perfect way to end a LONG week!
Kyle is in his element!
Bratwurst & Pommes Frites...let's leave this to the Germans!
Still trying to acquire my taste for beer...getting the "Mixed Beer" w/ lemonade helped a little!
Alex's pitiful plate...and someone get this girl her LIT!
German is a funny, funny language! 
Saturday night we celebrated the marriage of a teacher friend, Samantha, and her lawyer boy, Shawn at the Angus Barn Pavilion. It was the PERFECT weather for a wedding, and the venue could not have been better! The ceremony was short and sweet, and Samantha looked beautiful! The food was amazing, and they had my all time faves--the Angus Barn's famous cheese and crackers, and S'mores that you could make at the fire pit. I think that I could go another week without eating after that meal!  And, can we say "yes, please" to the full, open bar! Needless to say, there was lots of dancing, drinking, and hilarious conversations! 
K & me...lookin' all fancy!
Yummy S'mores!
Bride & Groom...so presh!
Love my MG girls!
If only every weekend could be like this! But, if that were the case...I'd probably be a broke and my clothes wouldn't fit! 

Happy Weekends, Friends!

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  1. You guys DO look so fancy and super classy. LOVE that dress and the color on you! Miss you guys.


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