Weekend Getaway


Kyle and I snuck off to Wilmington this weekend for a little family bonding time with our rents. Can I just say that having both sets of parents in the same town is nice for times like this, when there's really only one weekend this fall that we could really travel!?  Talk to me at the holidays and I might say otherwise! Anywho, we got into town Friday night just in time for a lovely dinner at the Oceanic with Kyle's family. I loved getting to be by the beach, even if it was nighttime and a little chilly.

Saturday morning was a GREAT morning for me because Kyle and I ran 2 straight loops at the park with no stopping to walk...which means that I officially ran the distance of a 5K! Now, my foot was still totally numb by the end (calling doctor tomorrow), but I was so proud of myself! Now I just have to try it again...just to make sure it wasn't a fluke! Bring on that Turkey Trot!

Gotta Celebrate the Small Victories!
Props to my running coach!
We also got to pay a little visit to the good ole' county fair! My dad has always been on the Fair Board for our county, which was especially great when I was younger because I could always take my friends for free and get special perks, like getting to take the baby chicks to school (very exciting times for a 3rd grader!).  So, the fair pretty much feels like home to me! Now Kyle had totally different feelings about the fair...until he realized 2 things-- 1. You can win money at the fair by entering things like photographs for judging and 2. They have fried Oreos.  I was super excited that Kyle has officially changed his mind!

Baby Chickies!

I Sooo Wanted to do This!
The Daddio & Me! 

Kyle's First Fried Oreo...Yum!
 And, we got to have a really snazzy dinner at my Grandparent's retirement home dining hall to celebrate an early birthday for my Grandmother...she's a witch baby...born on Halloween! I'll have to admit that I was a little surprised that my granny would choose this fine in-house dining over going out to a nice restaurant...but we survived!  And, it's always good to get a visit in with them...they are so presh!

3 Generations!
Heart Them <3

It's always good to be home...happy sigh!


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