25 for his 25th


Yay! Kyle is 25 today...a quarter of a century old! So, this post, of course, is for my best friend and the love of my life. And, in keeping with the theme of 25, I thought I'd share 25 things I love most about my boo!

1. I love the way he takes care of me

2. I love how he gets so nervous when he watches an important game that he sometimes leaves the room or turns the channel...it's so cute!

3. I love that he has the best sense of humor and constantly makes me laugh

4. I love his passion for music and movies

5. I love that he just knows so much about everything...I know I did way better than him in school but I swear he's wayyyy smarter than me!

6. I love that he's already planned our dream home and our next 5 dream vacations

7. I love that even when he's being SO stubborn, he always comes around

8. I love that he loves to cook and is comfortable enough in his manhood that he doesn't mind sharing in the household duties

9. I love how he says he doesn't like my trashy shows but catch him watching anyways

10. I love how loyal he is to his friends and family

11. I love how it's really important to him that we try to figure things out on our own sometimes instead of going straight to our families for help.

12. I love that he can do that thing where you slap the ground and pop your booty up better than me!

13. I love that he talks about being a daddy one day. He's going to be the best!

14. I love that he's so comfortable showing how much he loves me.

15. I love that he's so selfless

16. I love that he's so generous, and does things like pay for his brother's beer because he's a poor college kid

17. I love that he stands up for what he thinks is right and for his family and friends...even if it's not in the most appropriate ways (remind me to tell you about the time at his high school bball game when he told the other coach to "shut up" in not as nice terms for saying something negative about his fellow teammate)

18. I love that he calls Valentines day "Valentimes" day

19. I love that he still married me even though I made his life miserable in middle school!

20. I love that he wants to live and experience so much in life...and share it all with me

21. I love that he leaves me notes in the mornings because I leave before him

22. I love that he goes into school with me to keep me company or help hang things just so I don't have to go in alone

23. I love the man he's become...it's hard to believe sometimes that we've known each other for 12 years and that we've literally grown into adults together

24. I love that he knows how much I love presents and plays along with my constant request for "hints"

25.  I love that he pushes me to be my best self and let's me push him to be his

Happy Birthday, Kyle! I love you MORE!

And, my goal for birthdays to come...actually take pictures! I can't believe I could only find 3 pictures from Kyle or my's birthday celebrations over the last 8 years! Shame on me!
    Our 20th bdays...dinner at Maggiano's!

Kyle's 21st...dinner @ Village Draft House

22nd...b-day dinner @ Maggianos!


  1. Can I say that I love this post, thank you very much La! However, the picture of us on our 20th birthday is completely unnecessary!

  2. Lu this is sweetest post ever!!! I love that you shared all of these wonderful things! Clayton also leaves me notes for in the mornings because I am always up so early! It is so nice having such sweet and thoughtful men in our lives!!

    I hope you are having a great Monday!

  3. 1) I love that he lets me call him Kyliepants (not that I ever gave him a choice).
    2) My sister loves that he offered you his credit card at the mall one time. HAHAHA! She always reminds me of that story!
    3) I love it when he cooks for me, especially when he makes his top secret chicken marinade.
    4) I love that, when I told him that he should probably delete our texts about your birthday presents, he said, "Way ahead of you!"
    5) I love his apron. Giggle.
    6) I love how happy he makes you!!


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