25 Rounds to 30...Better Get on That 30 before 30 list!


Happy 25th Birthday to me! 

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that it felt a little weird to type that number. I swear I just graduated high school like yesterday! I'm slightly freaked out that my age now rounds to 30, but I'm also trying to embrace all that comes with being 25, which really sounds like an "adult" age...like the fact that you may end up using your birthday money to pay bills or that your Christmas present may be new tires. Who am I kidding...there ain't nothin' fun about that! But, instead of wallowing in the fact that I'm getting older, I'm choosing to put the positive spin on things and think about all that I want to accomplish throughout the rest of my 20's. 

So, without further ado...my official 30 Before 30 List!

In no particular order of importance:

1.  Get my Masters Degree...already working on that!
2.  Become a Tenured Teacher...1 more year after this, hopefully!
3.  Travel some place tropical...I don't care where, just get me to a pretty beach!
4.  Have a baby...God willing!
5.  Go Zip-Lining
6.  Ice-Skate in Rockefeller Plaza
7.  Get my National Boards in Teaching...lot's of work but worth the extra pay!
8.  Have a legit photo-session with Kyle...love all those cute couples photos!
9.  Go Deep Sea Fishing
10. Do Mission Work in another country
11. Do at least 1 random act of kindness every year leading up to 30
12. Go sledding
13. Take a carriage ride through central park
14. Go camping
15. Go to a professional football game...I'm guessing the Giants since Kyle's a fan!
16. Take a girls trip some place fun, like Charleston!
17. Have a picnic on a beach
18. Sing Karaoke at a bar...why have I never done this!?
19. Learn to Cook & love doing it...we have a long way to go on this one, peeps!
20. Have a spa day...maybe as a treat when I graduate?
21. Travel abroad again...maybe South America?
22. Have dessert at Serendipity in NYC...yum yum!
23. Read the Bible all the way through
24. Find a Church Home & Join
25. Video Tape or Record my parents memories from growing up
26. Try out Pure Barre or Hot Yoga...could be fun, right?
27. Participate in a Race...whether it's running or swimming or just plain walking
28. Learn to bake my Grandmother's rolls...they are superb and nothing compares
29. Do something nice for my parents...not sure what, but something that would mean a lot to them!
30. Plan a surprise trip for Kyle and me...he's always planning, should be fun to surprise him!

Ok...here goes nothing!

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