Birfday Gifts for Moi


Eeek! November snuck up on me, but boy is that a nice surprise! Not only do I love the cold weather, Thanksgiving holiday, and Black Friday shopping, BUT it is the month of birthdays! Ever wonder why so many people are born in November? the math peeps and count back 9 months and see what special holiday of love might be the cause! So, not only is November MY birthday month, but Kyle's birthday is in November (exactly 1 week before mine!), as is my TA, Whitey's, one of my high school bff's, Becca's, and two of my teacher friends, Allison and Emily's! So, pretty much every other day of November I'm celebrating someone's birthday! I HEART birthdays with my whole heart because it's the one holiday that's all about you! And it has absolutely nothing at allllll to do with the presents. Ok, I lied. I am a present hoochie! I pretty much start bugging Kyle about what he's getting me for my birthday in July. Andddd pretty much all of November I'm begging him for "clues." And, I have definitely been known to do some snooping investigating and may or may not have peaked at my presents a few times! But can you blame me? Who doesn't like presents!? So, here's what I've got my eye on for my big day...

For the Athlete in Me...a little Under Armour

Zebra print...presh!

Love the Victory Burnout Tees!

Obsessed with these...maybe I wouldn't lose them so easily if they were pink!
This is such a hot gym bag...I totally entered to win it in a contest....maybe I'll get lucky!

 For the Reader in Me...

Gift Card for buying Kindle books!

For the Teacher in Me...Whose Lunchbox is Getting Old and Crusty!

For the Fashionista in Me...
Heart me some Jacks!

flats from Loft...sigh

I wouldn't be opposed to an IPad 2...just sayin'!!!

And, of course gift cards and cash are ALWAYS appreciated! The good thing about having a birthday close to Christmas is that you pretty much just have to make one larger wish-list AND if you don't get it for your Bday, then you can always hold out for Xmas!

Okay, what are you waiting for! Get busy shopping!

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