I Survived!


Holy claustrophobia! MRI's are about as fun as sitting in a traffic jam when you're running late and have to pee...aka...not fun at all! But, I'm super proud to say that I handled it like a pro, thanks to my nice friend, Valium (don't worry, my Mom has already lectured me on the dangers of addiction to prescription drugs and I promise...it was a one time thing!). I was cool as a cucumber by the time it started, but I apparently went through a roller coaster of emotions before hand. Kyle said I sobbed in the car on the way there, followed by laughing uncontrollably when filling out the paper work, and ended with me feeling SO sleeeeeepppyyyy. Luckily, the hubsters was with me the whole time and was able to pick up my slack on the paper work! Anywhooo, here are just a few things I learned through the whole process....

1. If you think you're even the slightest bit claustrophobic, ask for a relaxer before hand...it's better to be prepared than to get in, realize it, freak out, and have to reschedule...especially if you know the place only schedules MRI's on Wednesdays like mine!

2. Wear comfy clothes with absolutely NO METAL! Not even on your bra. You will have to take it off.

3. DO NOT open your eyes once you're in there! I kept mine closed for the first 1/2 and was absolutely fine, and then I accidentally opened them and had a slight panic...you really are in a super small space and it's best not to know just how small!

4. Request the music but know that the sounds of the magnets will be loud...sometimes so loud you won't be able to hear music...but trust me, hearing Jason Derulo really helped me get through my last 4 minutes!

5. If possible, have someone go with you. It was so comforting to have Kyle in the room, and they let him keep his hand on my leg so I knew he was there the whole time. It truly made all the difference in the world.

6. DEFINITELY treat yourself to a milkshake afterwards! Chocolate makes everything better!

7. Go home, cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a nap! You deserve it! And, you probably won't be in any state to do anything else!

Glad I can cross this off the list!

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  1. I too hate MRIs - the noise is the worst part to me though, I am very sound-sensitive. I had to hit up the Valium bottle myself for my last one.


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