What I'm Loving Wednesday!


I thought I'd try my first What I'm Loving Wednesday link-up with Jamie at This Kind of Love today!

So, here goes nothing...

I'm loving that I survived our field trip to the Planetarium yesterday without losing any children...hallelujah!

I'm loving that we had a great time celebrating Kyle's birthday on Monday!
Super Excited for his Tom's!
I'm loving that I only have 2 weeks left of grad classes for the semester...now if only I could get through these last papers and projects!

I'm loving that all of my neuro tests are over and that I should know what's been going on with me on Friday...finally!

I'm loving that my birthday is almost here and that I get to celebrate it this weekend!

I'm loving the amazing coupon I got to get TWO items for 60% off this weekend at either Gap, Banana, or Old Navy...that's like, the most percentage off I've ever seen on a coupon!

I'm loving me some Natasha Bedingfield's Neon Lights that I kept hearing at the Loft and finally figured out who sang it...totally gets me inspired every morning on my way to school!

I'm loving that my December calendar is filling up with holiday parties & secret santa exchanges!

And, I'm always loving my sweet, hubby Kyle, who's been my rock throughout all of my doctors appointments these past few weeks...he's definitely taking the "in sickness and in health" part of our vows seriously!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


  1. yay for not losing any kiddos at the planetarium and I am super jealous of that coupon!

  2. Hey girl.. I need to your email so I can send you the secret santa swap information! We are planning on sending out partners this weekend -- so the sooner the better!! Thanks so much!



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