Holiday Blog Challenge...Days 1 & 2


So, if we're being honest here, I'm still a little confused by this whole link-up thing, but there are so many that I want to try, so I'm just going to go for it! Please forgive me in advance because I will probably mess up the actual "linking up" part! Anyways, I've been seeing a few new blogs that I'm loving out there participating in Amber & Neely's Holiday Blog Challenge and thought it would be super fun to try! I think I'm a few days behind, but when have I ever been on time for anything!?

Here goes nothin'...

Day 1-- Favorite Gift Received EVER!

Well, I LOVE all gifts and have a really hard time choosing, but I must say that the one I remember being completely and utterly surprised and totally ecstatic about was the time in 8th grade when I got a Cell Phone from "Santa." Now, I know a cell phone is no big thang these days and 5-year olds are walking around with them, BUT I promise this was a huge flippin' deal when I was in 8th grade! I was one of the few to have one then (most of my friends got them in high school), and it was such a novelty to me that I hardly used it because I was afraid to break it! In fact, I didn't even know how to use the "Texting" feature on that phone and totally didn't know my ex-boyfriend was texting me to say he wanted to get back together. I got those texts about a year later! Whoops! Good thing I wasn't interested! Wow, I can't even believe there was a time I didn't know how to text! Needless to say, that was for sure a top gift in my book!
So it wasn't this exact one, but it looked kinda like this, only it was silver!
Day 2-- Favorite Holiday Tradition

I am all about some holiday traditions and have loved getting to start some new ones with Kyle and have boatloads of ones I'm scheming up for when I have kids one day. But, one of my all-time favorite holiday traditions used to take place on Xmas morning. Only my mom's parents are living and they're the only ones I've ever known, so we always spent Christmas Eve at their house in Wake Forest. My cousins would spend it with their other Grandparents, so my brother and I were the only Grandkids there. Now, I don't know how on earth we ever did this, but my brother and I used to get up at ungodly hours on Christmas morning. I mean, we're talking 5am. I literally remember going into the bathroom just to look at the clock because we weren't allowed to wake anyone up before 5 because if we could've we would've. So, when it was finally time, my brother and I would always get my parents up, and then we'd run into my Grandparents' room and jump on their bed to wake them up! We did it EVERY year for all of our childhood. Once we got into college, we obviously stopped waking up so early, and my Grandparents would always joke about how they were going to come jump on our beds at 5am for payback! I can't wait until I have kids or grandkids of my own jumping on my bed on Christmas morning. I will gladly oblige! Happy sigh...

Wake Up, Grandaddy!
Bryan is clearly eye-balling my gifts!
All Pink Everything!
Thank the good Lord they invented a hair straightener...look at that poofiness!
First Christmas morning with Kyle!


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