Birthday & Turkey Day Recap


So the theme of the last week would have to be "indulge" because that's exactly what I did between my birthday and Thanksgiving! I haven't quite gotten up the nerve to hop on the scale, but I definitely bought lots of healthy foods at the grocery store to help counteract some of the damage!

Here's a little Birthday/Thanksgiving Recap...

Monday was my birthday, which started out a little rocky considering my students TOTALLY forgot it was my birthday (except for a few!) despite my TA's request that they make me cards, but the Room Parents made up for it with an ice-cream sundae party and a huge pile of books from my wish-list at the school book fair! Is it totally lame that I get excited about childrens' books for my birthday!? My sweet teammates brought me cupcakes at lunch, too, which was a perfect excuse to not plan my guided reading lessons and socialize instead...priorities, peeps!

Kyle spoiled me with flowers, lots of Under Armour goodies, and a sweet, homemade gift certificate good for 25 back rubs! Love, love, love me some back rubs! I really wanted a cozy evening in at home, since it was a Monday, and we had already celebrated with my family and friends, so we ordered in PF Changs and got Something Borrowed from the redbox, which was absolutely a perfect birthday evening in my book.

My girl, Beebs, also came through big time with some more adorable Under Armour! She works for UA and pretty much is the reason for my obsession! They have the cutest and most comfortable stuff, and I, of course, have to support her! The UA zebra print bag is Ah-mazing, and you should all run out and buy it now!

And, of course, I got lots of other fun goodies from my parents and Kyles, some mula from other family members, and I have a few more gifts on the way (maybe at grad class, Ash!?)! Did I mention that I love gifts?

Fast forward to Wednesday...

Kyle and I woke up at the ungodly hour of 3:30am on Wednesday morning to make it to the airport for our 5:30 am flight to NY to visit his family for Thanksgiving. Let's just say I would be happy never seeing those numbers on the clock ever again! But, it was totally worth it! 
7am arrival to NY...feelin' rough
We had a wonderful visit on Wednesday with his grandparents and cousins before heading to Connecticut that night to visit with his other side of the family. 

Kyle and his brother, Ryan, and cousins ran in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  I was their cheerleader because I couldn't run due to my injuries. They all did a great job and only one person got sick afterwards (cough, cough, Ryan!).

Kyle's Uncle Jim & Cousin Kelsey
Cousin Kelly is the first to finish from the fam!
Kyle crossing the finish line, just behind Kelly!
Ry didn't win, but he def gets best outfit in my book!
 I wasn't sure what to expect at this Thanksgiving feast because Kyle's extended family is a hoot! And they drink. A lot. I've only spent Thanksgiving with them once before, and the highlight of the night was Kyle's cousin and her boyfriend getting hammered and having a heated discussion about Lyndon B. Johnson's failed policies. True story.

But, the good news, was that this Thanksgiving feast was a lot calmer, maybe due to the fact that Kyle's daddy baptized the 2 newest additions to the family, baby Caroline and baby Tatum. It was a feast full of laughter, love, and yummy food!
Baby Tatum & Baby Caroline
I did not venture out with the crazies for any Black Friday shopping too early, but did manage to make it to the mall before all the good sales went away at 12pm. No major exciting purchases to report, though!

We flew home late Friday night so that we could make it to State's last home game on Saturday against Maryland with my parents. State gave us quite a scare, but ended up coming back for an exciting win! Good thing we didn't leave at halftime like we were tempted to!

It was definitely a busy week, but we got lots of great family time in, which is always good! 

Now, if we could only fast-forward a few weeks to Winter Break...


  1. How SWEET is the gift certificate! I love it! Looks like you had a very happy birthday!

  2. First, you look awesome. Totes Jealous. Second, you scored tons of booty for your birthday. Again, Totes Jealous. Third, I totally broke down at the family press conference because my dumb-A chimed in on how thankful I was that you had Kyle, who is so understanding of our CRAZY as Sh- profession. Flash back to your Bridal Luncheon. But no, I'm not preggs, just stressed =) Fourth, can't wait to see you. Love you. And that is all.


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