Birthday Blog Hijacking


Today is Laura’s 25th Birthday and last week, when it was my birthday, she wrote 25 things that she liked about me. Welllll, I decided to hijack Life of Lu today and write 25 things I like (or love) about Laura.

1.     I know it’s corny to say “Her Laugh”. However, Laura has this very particular laugh in which she can barely breathe and makes this creaking, high-pitched noise. It was dubbed “The Squeaky Chair Laugh” and is always a highlight when it comes out.

2.     She has tried very hard to be a Yankees fan like me, even if she complains that I have their games on TV all summer.

3.     Her dedication to her job. Teaching is the most important profession in my mind and Laura works long, hard hours trying to make school the best it can be for her students. I know I am biased, but she is the best!

4.     She accepts me for who I am. I am loud, slightly inappropriate, and have embarrassed her on a number of occasions. She always forgives me and loves me despite my flaws.

5.     She is extremely close to her family and has a great one at that.

6.     I love that Laura has this Blog. I think she is a very entertaining blogger and she loves doing it.

7.     I love her ideals. We are very similar in our principals and morals, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

8.     Laura is extremely goofy and if you can’t be goofy with me, I don’t want you around.

9.     She lets me have the remote almost every time I want it.

10. Laura has done a great job of trying out the music I like. I believe she has a blog post about it.

11. I love that she is rational, because sometimes I am not.

12. She lets me grow my beard out.

13. I love that Laura is friendly. I never hear her say a bad word about anybody and she does her best to do anything she can for her friends.

14. She makes lists for EVERYTHING! Some of them are just hilarious.

15. I love when she gets excited. She gets giggly and the aforementioned “Squeaky Chair Laugh” is often seen. Its just a really cute version of her already cute self.

16. I love that even when she is afraid of something, like needles or uncertainity, she pushes through the tears and overcomes it.

17. I like that she bakes. She may not cook a lot but she is always making some sort of awesome sweets.

18. She is always willing to try new things.

19. I love that she wants to travel. I want to see the world and she is a great travel partner.

20. I love that she is letting me doing my beer blog. I don’t know if she has mentioned it, but I have a blog where I drink 1 beer everyday for an entire year. She has been very supportive.

21. She is a huge game player. I mean like board games and stuff like that. Not “Playing Games With My Heart” style of games.

22. I love that Laura takes a lot of pictures. She won’t believe that I am saying this because I rarely want to take pictures. However, I look around our house and I see all these photos of great moments we’ve shared and it is really important to me.

23. I love that she has stuck by me even when I wasn’t the best boyfriend or finance to her. Although recently it’s been a lot easier because I am the best husband in the world (not to toot my own horn).

24. I absolutely love how happy she makes me feel. If you aren’t with someone who makes you the happiest person in the world then you are not with the right person.

25. I love that she is MY wife. I am the luckiest man in the world because she is the best wife!

Now for an embarrassing photo or two:

Happy Birthday My Love!!!


  1. Aww, this post makes my heart happy! You're the best, Kyle! I love you so much, and this is the best birthday surprise! But really, you just had to put a photo of me with my awful bangs!? You know what they say about Payback...

  2. Agck! A Bangs-we-wish-someone-hadn't-let-us-get pic! I got some of those too!!

    Sweet post for a sweet lady (by her sweet husband)!

    Love you two.

  3. Hi Lu!!! I'm Miriam... if you don't remember me you can ask Ash about it.. i'm her Mexican sister!. I've been reading your entire blog during my weekend and i've been loving it all the way. You and Ash have inspired me and i'm definitely starting my own blog this week. This post is adorable! :)


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