Guest Post & Other Randomness!


Happy Monday folks! Before I get to what I'm really supposed to be posting about, I have to say, teaching doesn't pay jack squat much, but it certainly has some perks, like the fact that I got to wear my pj's to school today in honor of our school nurse who is retiring! Sooooo comfy and cozy!

And, I've been working on my giveaway for you lovelies, but you'll have to be patient for just one more day! Super excited about it!

You can find me guest posting today over at the adorable Aileen's Happy Little Southern Nest on my top 4 trends for Spring! Aileen is super cute, and you should definitely check out her blog!

Andddd I'm SO excited for the Bachelor tonight! I know some of y'all have given up on Ben, and I can't say that he's my favorite, but I love Kacie B. and him, so I can't give up just yet!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I am a BACHELOR freak!!!

    Head over to my Made My Day Monday Blog Link-Up today! Get new followers and share your story that made your day!!

  2. I jumped off the Bachelor bandwagon already...I will be back for when Emily is the Bachelorette. I just couldn't bare watching it any longer and went back to my beloved Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lol


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