3 Day Weekend...Yes, Please!


Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Our weekend got off to a great start on Friday night with dinner and games with 3 other couples! Kyle and I have been trying to find some good "couples" friends for a while (we both have great sets of friends, just not a real "mixed" group of girls and guys), and we finally feel like we have that...such a blessing!

We snuck off to Wilmington on Saturday morning to help my brother celebrate his 27th birthday! His girlfriend, Kelly, and he had gone home for the weekend, and we were excited to join them for the festivities.  We had such an amazingly Southern birthday meal, complete with every kind of casserole you can imagine...delicious! Bryan enjoyed his gifts, and we had a great time playing games. I got to go to my old church on Sunday, which is always nice, and I had a great lunch with my old small group leader, Ms. Amanda at Flaming Amy's! It was such a nice weekend with loved ones!
The Birthday Boy! 
Dad's giving me the "I'm Watching You" signal! Silly man!
Proof that I got Bryan a present this year! He tried to claim I didn't last year and therefore, almost refused to get me one this year...we finally remembered that I did, in fact, get him a nice large NC State tumbler last year!
The Hubster & Me!
Bryan & Kelly! So cute!
And, of course, we had to be home in time for the Giants vs. Packers game because Kyle is a HUGE Giants fan. Luckily, they pulled off a nice win so that we could all enjoy a peaceful evening. Let's just all say a prayer now that they continue to win for the sanity of this household!

I am in a fabulous mood today, and it probably has to do with the fact that school is out tomorrow in honor of Martin Luther King day, AND there's a Teacher Workday on Tuesday. Having an extra day in the weekend really makes it SO much better! Now why haven't they considered that we'd probably all be in much better moods and much more productive if we could have a 3-day weekend every weekend!?

Hope it was a great one for y'all, too!


  1. Your blog is adorable! Cannot wait to read more :) Looks like you had a great 3 day weekend!!!

  2. We need more "couple" friends too!! It's amazing, half my girls are single ladies (and love it!) but it sure makes it difficult to double date!


  3. Yay for 3 day wknds! Love those! :) Matt and I have been on a search for couple friends, too and finally have a few ourselves. We are so grateful for them! It's nice to have them around. We plan to start up a game night with them (and of course our single friends are more than welcome to come lol), but that is awesome and I am so happy for yall that you have couple friends, too. :) Enjoy your day off tmrw pretty girl! <3

  4. Hey, I've seen that game before (B's present)!! hehehe. We played it Saturday with some of our "couple" friends! =) Love you!

  5. We need more couple friends too. Game nights are the best! Sounds like a fun weekend! Still loving your blog!

  6. Love three day weekends! Andrew and I have the same problem finding couple friends. Alot of my friends from college are single and its hard but Andrews friends are alot older and they have started settling down so we can hang out with them but I feel like I am lacking friends I can turn to. I am ready to make "our" friends :)

  7. Enjoy your day off.. three day weekends are the best!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend! I think every weekend should be 3 days long!


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