What I'm Loving Wednesday!


Happy Hump Day Y'all! After this looooooonggg half of a week of teaching and starting back to grad school, I need to channel some positive energy, so I'm linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am loving...that we have a 3-day weekend coming up PLUS a teacher workday next Tuesday! My home and school lives are both hot messes right now, so I definitely can use a little mini-break already!

I am loving...that my sweet hubby made me brownies for when I got home from class last night! The boy can take a hint! And if you haven't tried the Trader Joe mix you totally should...delish!

I am loving...that The Bachelor is delivering its promised ridiculous drama and embarrassing girls (please don't judge NC based only on Blakely!).  It's cah-razy, but I love it! And how adorable is Kacie! I am totally rooting for her!

I am loving...that I won Amanda's giveaway from A Sweet Simple Southern Life for a My Memories digital scrap-booking software download! Super excited to try this!

I am loving...that it's finally time to really start planning all of my college bff, Beebs', wedding events! Her MOH is totally on it, and I can't wait till the first shower in March and Bachelorette weekend in May!
All the bridesmaids at the Engagement Party! Such a fun group of girls!
I am loving...how much neater our bedroom looks now that we've finally started making the bed! We both operated on the "what's the point in making the bed if we're just going to mess it up again that night"...until we actually tried it! It makes a huge difference!

I am loving...that TOMS is introducing their ballet flats for Spring! The TOMS I got for X-mas (and by got I mean received a picture of!) ended up being "oversold," so I'm just going to hold off for these cuties!

Friday is just two days away! We SO got this!


  1. I am also pumped about getting MLK Jr. Day off, sadly the Central Office staff doesn't get off for the planning day too. Loving those Tom's flats, I am already coveting a few pair.

  2. I had NO idea that TOMS was making flats!! I will definitely have to try those out! And I'm SO obsessed with The Bachelor.. and both Courtney and Blakeley drive me out of my mind!! Next weeks episode looks SO good! An ambulance, an ex-girlfriend, and so many tears? What could be better!!!

  3. I'm all in for the Toms flats!!! Let's do ittttt!

  4. Just came across your blog and I love it! i'm your new follower! I must be oblivious but I haven't heard of TOMS before but those flats are uber cute! :)

  5. Love, love, love those Toms!! I'll be on the craze as soon as they hit the shelves! xoxo Brooke

  6. I totally know what you mean about making the bed! It does make the room feel less cluttered to me and then makes it feel cleaner, lol. Following you back, girlie!

  7. i love you mentioned the bachelor totally sucked into the drama again this season and it is starting very early on! great blog love it! newest follower

  8. very nice!
    You have a great blog!

  9. cute post! I tagged you in my most recent post! you're it :)

  10. Aw hope you had a good week at school! My roomie and I always make the beds in our dorm and it makes the room look instantly cleaner! such a quick fix!


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