Sometimes, Always


Totally following Sarah and Crystal and jumping on the "Sometimes and Always" link-up train with Megan over at Mackey Madness!

Sometimes I think I have time to watch a little TV while I eat breakfast in the morning because I got ready quicker than I planned

Always I end up running way late!

Sometimes I tell myself I'm going to become a "domestic goddess" by learning to cook, iron, etc!

Always I convince myself there are better uses of my time!

Sometimes I wish I made as much money as some of my friends

Always I know deep down money can't buy happiness...look at The Real Housewives!

Sometimes I'll put veggies on my plate at a party to look like I'm eating healthy

Always I never eat them...ever! Must.stop.being.wasteful.

Sometimes I question the amount of TV shows I watch.

Always I find another to add to the list!

Sometimes I make a list that I vow to stick to when I go to Target

Always I end up buying random stuff from the dollar section that is not on said list!

Sometimes try to give myself a manicure

Always it ends up all over the place and looks 12 times worse than when I started!

Sometimes I ask Kyle for a quick back rub!

Always I beg for more time!

Sometimes I wish Tuesdays were really Fridays (like today!)

Always I remember I don't want to wish any day away!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. I have to work on not wishing away days either! Its so hard!

  2. This is such a wonderful post and I found myself thinking that each of your sometimes/always sound just like me!

  3. Good Post L! I do the same thing with TV shows...I watch way to many..some would probably say I'm wasting my time but I love it! I've tried to a manicure on myself (like french nails) and it looks awful! I always end up smearing them! :)

  4. haha I love these! So many of these "sometimes/always" are true for me too.

  5. Love this funny! I can't EVER give myself a mani either. UGGH!


  6. I love these! I always find a new show to add to my watching list too. I'm such a TV addict. I need help, haha!

  7. loving this! tagged you in a post today :)

  8. Oh my gosh, I always end up buying tons of stuff from the dollar section at Target! Everything is so cute, and only a dollar, so how could I not take advantage of it?!

  9. So happy I found your blog! I love it!!!

  10. love your blog!!

    your newest follower:)

  11. I can relate to this too!!

    your newest follower :)


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