It's OK Thursday!


Can I just say thank goodness it's Thursday aka almost Friday!? It has been one of the LONGEST weeks of my life, and I need it to be the weekend ASAP!

Love me some Thursdays because I get to play along with Amber and Neely's "It's OK Thursday!"

It's OK that I yesterday I turned right to dash over to the mall for The Limited's 50% off 3-hour special when I should have been turning left to go return my overdue books to the library...what's another day late!?

It's OK that I have 6 Sunday newspapers still sitting untouched on our bar stools because I was supposed to start couponing...whoops!

It's OK that I took some nice chicken and veggies for lunch one day this week but decided to get Doritos from the snack machine instead...don't even ask!

It's OK that I already purchased Kyle's valentines, birthday, and anniversary card, as well as cards to cover Mother's and Father's Day, my parents' birthdays, and the weddings I'll be going to this's called advance planning, peeps! More on the AWESOME website I used in another post!

It's OK that I suck at life and still haven't finished my book club book even though I've had it since December...I can't even get all my grad school stuff read, let alone a book I actually want to read!

It's OK that I'm now going to watch American Idol now that my waiter tonight told us he auditioned and "things looked good" for him! Like I needed another show to watch!

It's OK that I tried to make the bed before putting my contacts in this morning, and I thought it looked good through my blurry vision, and it really looked like a hot mess! Kyle totally laughed at it when he got home...apparently it's a task you need 20/20 vision for!

It's OK that I've already thought about which 10 people I'd take to the Super Bowl in case I win the Visa contest! Positive thinking, positive thinking!

It's OK that the back of my car looks like my closet exploded in it...who needs those extra 3-seats anyways! And, you never know, I might just need to wear 4 jackets one day!

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Haha, if things looked good for the waiter, he'd still be around!

  2. I just now got around to cleaning my car because it looked the same way I am imagining yours looking like. Lol I do keep 2 jackets in there just incase ;) And I have wanted to do couponing for forever, but it takes some dedication I tell ya! Happy Thursday!

  3. You'd obviously pick me as one of those friends you would take to the Super Bowl, correct?!

    I desperately want to join a book club, but like you, I can barely read all the stuff I need to for school and I would feel so guilty for not finishing the book.

    Have a great weekend girl!

  4. haha the back of my car looks the same way!!

    super cute blog... i just contacted tcbotb to re-do mine as well... so excited :)

    congrats on the 100 followers... looks like i will make 102 ;)

  5. I watched American Idol tonight too! I really watch too much reality TV and shouldn't but I do anyway haha!

  6. I think a sale is a great reason to skip going to the library ;). Have a great day!!

  7. hahaha on the 4 jackets in the car!!! who was the waiter??!

  8. The library book can wait--the 3 hour sale, obviously can't! hahaha
    Couponing is a lot of work, but it can be worth it if you do it right!

  9. Lol I love the coupon "ok"....I have no problem cutting them out, it's actually filing them/using them before they expire I struggle with! Glad I found your blog!


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