Holly Jolly Xmas Swap


I love me some Secret Santa and when Ashley, Crystal, and Emily mentioned a blogger secret santa through their Holly Jolly Xmas Swap, I was so in! I have really been enjoying connecting with SO many wonderful bloggers and thought this would be a great way to meet some more! And I was definitely right!

So, in case you're wondering how it worked, I'll give you a lil' run down because you should totally consider participating next year! The girls sent out emails to everyone interested in participating with a little favorites sheet for you to fill out to help your Secret Santa shop for you! Then, they sent you the blogger who you'd be shopping for's sheet with their likes & address so you'd know what to shop for and where to send the gift! Easy peezy! And, the price range was very reasonable ($15-$25).

The second week in December everyone sent a card to their blogger with a few clues about themselves!

Here's the card I received from my awesome Secret Santa, Sarah, from Simply Sarah...

Sarah is in school to be a teacher, so we definitely share that passion, and I've really enjoyed reading her blog and finding out other interests that we share!

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any pics of the things I sent to mine, Katy, from Brown Eyed Girl...I'm hoping she got it! I've also really enjoyed reading her blog!

And, the week leading up to Christmas, you sent your present and a note to reveal yourself! I sent Katy a necklace from the Limited, some cozy socks, and a "mini" OPI nail polish! I hope she liked it!

And Sarah sent me a FABULOUS assortment of goodies! I swear she shopped better for me than most people who know me well!

Showcasing my new presents!
Better look at it all!

Adorable earrings!

Post-It notes and a holder that sticks to your laptop...ah-mazing!
Super-cute cards and notepad!
Magazine & my first ever EOS lip balm...I had read about it on so many blogs and was so excited to try it! Lovesss!
Sweet card from Sarah!
The gifts were definitely fun to shop for and receive, but I also really love that I have new blogger friends from this experience! Thank you SO much Ashley, Crystal, and Emily for organizing this!


  1. Yay!! I knew you and Sarah would be perfect partners! She is such a sweet girl! I was her secret santa! I am so glad you had fun with this and enjoyed it! I love those sticky notes for the laptop -- how neat!

  2. Those notepads are awesome! You really got so many awesome gifts! Glad you like everything! Thank you for participating! We all had so much fun!

  3. Sarah spoiled you!! Loving the post-it notes for your lap top (I might have to go and pick myself up a pair!)

    I'm a new follower and I'm so loving your blog!!

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment and for following me! I was reading your blog earlier (found it through the link up too!) And am lovin all the gifts you got! Your notecards are too cute! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

    XO Julia

  5. I really enjoyed the swap! Every single blogger I have come across is always so nice and I love making new friends everyday! And I love your blog too :)

  6. The swap was so much fun! Looks like you got some fabulous things! The earrings are gorgeous. I'm obsessed with Post-It notes! I've never seen the thing that sticks to your laptop. Very cool!

    Now following! :)

  7. what wonderful gifts! Be prepared to become addicted to eos chapstick, it is the best! Also try their hand lotion too it is my favorite! I love the L notecards and notepad they are so adorable! So glad we were able to find each other's blog!

  8. Your blog is so cute! I love eos lip balm, and I bet you will too. Have a great day!

  9. Oh my those things are adorable!!! I just found your blog, too through the link up!! I'm also kind of obsessed with your background on your blog :)


  10. Ah how fun! I never sign up to do fun things like that! I need to do one someday haha.

  11. I wanted to reply to your comment but you don't have your email set up :( Thanks for stopping by! Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers!

  12. Yay! you got such great gifts.

    follow each other?


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